Neffe Comes for Keyshia Cole Amid New Reality Show Reports

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Keyshia Cole’s family is trying their hardest to get their new reality show “Family Therapy” picked up by a major network, but Keyshia’s brother-in-law Soullow was caught in the act on Instagram trying to use Keyshia’s name to get interviews and promote the show although she has nothing to do with it.

Once word got out about the new show and the trailer for it went viral, many of Keyshia’s fans took to Twitter to slam her family, especially her sister Neffe.

But Neffe clapped back at Keyshia’s fans and made it clear she feels Keyshia let her fame get to her head. She tweets (read from bottom to top):

neffe twitter 2
neffe twitter




Interestingly enough, this comes just months after the two sisters seemingly made peace at an event and hugged it out for the cameras.


  1. So she’s mad Keyshia doesn’t want to sign up for her family to be exploited again? She’s a dumb a-s.

  2. These tweets make make me think they are really just mad Keyshia decided not to be on the show. They know they can’t get the big networks without her. Sad.

  3. It’s sad Neffe can’t see these networks don’t care about them and are laughing at them. All money isn’t good money. They shouldn’t be mad Keyshia doesn’t want them to get played again.

  4. Betcha Keisha didn’t fork over the money like she used to, so her family got salty. Neffie and the rest of them are a bunch of leeches. Good on Keisha for stopping the gravy train before she became another MC Hammer.

  5. What’s new? Keyshia’s family only likes her when she’s giving them money and helping them get reality shows. When she says no, she becomes the worst person in the world to them. They’re nothing but losers.

  6. Keyshia has done so much for her family. She bought some of them houses (Neffe) and got them their first show. But once she realized BET was making a mockery out of them and they weren’t trying to do for themselves, she cut them off. If she didn’t, they would have dragged her down with them. She did what she had to do. And looking at these tweets, I’m glad she did. Neffe will never change. Neither will Frankie.

  7. Neffe needs to have several seats. Not everyone wants to put all their mess on TV to entertain strangers. Leave Keyshia alone.

  8. Funny thing is, the networks aren’t to blame for how they’re portrayed. How it seems is really how it is with this family, and I think Keyshia finally realized that and kept it moving. I was listening to the Breakfast Club this morning and they actually played snippets from the show, and not only do I doubt people will watch it, I also doubt it’ll get picked up by a network; especially without any input/participation from Keyshia. Drama definitely sells but ain’t nobody checking for Frankie and her unrightfully (is that a word or nah? lol) entitled kids. Keyshia has made her fair share of mistakes but I’m really happy for her and glad that she’s made a better life for herself. Thinking about being surrounded by people like that, it’s no surprise she spazzes the way she does sometimes…. That family is sick.

  9. Neffe really needs to sit down with her trifling behind. Then got the nerve to try to make the weak point using the Braxton sisters. Girl bye first and foremost all of them sing and started off as a group singing. I will take it a step further they didn’t have a crack headed jail bird mother with her kids everywhere they weren’t even raised together. Keyshia was barely raised with them. So she is comparing Apples to Oranges. Stop trying to stop the inevitable and get your a-s a real job.

  10. Keyshia need to chill and let her family do the reality show. They are a very entertaining family. We all love the drama her mama brings.

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