New Tea on Keyshia Cole & Her Family’s New Reality Show (EXCLUSIVE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Keyshia Cole’s family is in the process of trying to get their new reality show “Family Therapy” picked up by a major network, but they have been telling the media that Keyshia is working hard to make sure the show never sees the light of day.

However, a little birdie told us that couldn’t be further from the truth. A source tells Urban Belle EXCLUSIVELY:

“Keyshia wants nothing to do with the show but she hasn’t done anything to keep it from getting picked up either. That is a lie Neffe, Frankie and the rest of the family are pushing because they think it makes the show more appealing. The problem is not only is that not true, but none of the networks so far are interested in the show because Keyshia is not on it. The trailer got a lot of views but none of the networks are biting because they haven’t been on TV without Keyshia for years, so Neffe is trying to bait Keyshia into a public Twitter beef to draw interest. But Keyshia isn’t falling for it this time.  She no longer wants to be used by her family. She’s decided to just focus on her music career and keep her life positive for her son and her fans. She still wishes them the best but they are now on their own.”

Interestingly enough, the source also tells us that as of right now, Keyshia’s family is networking really hard with Mona Scott Young and they are trying to convince her that “Family Therapy” should be a Monami Entertainment production. But apparently Mona is not quite convinced yet:

“They have been talking to Mona and trying to prove to her the show could be a hit because people love their dysfunction, but Mona hasn’t seriously considered taking the project. And truth be told, Mona just isn’t interested yet without Keyshia being on board. Keyshia’s family is fighting an uphill battle because without Keyshia, this show may never happen. They are getting desperate and they need Keyshia to react publicly to give the show life.”

This tea has not been confirmed by Keyshia or her family and it’s purely just gossip for now.


    1. but the truth is keyshia’s album sales peak when she’s on tv with her mama and them… she’s not a good business woman to turn this down

  1. Nobody is interested in their family anymore they had time to capitalize when they were hot and didn’t. Honestly I really don’t think Keyshia even being on the show would help she has fell off too this is not 2007. I mean what more can they talk about that we don’t know already. It’s time to stop the inevitable and get some real jobs smh.

      1. And that’s the thing that annoys me about Neffe. It’s like she doesn’t remember the fact Keyshia bought her very fist house. Where’s the gratitude?

  2. Yeah I can tell Keyshia is over it. She hasn’t even responded on Twitter. They need to get money on their own. They are nothing but users.

  3. Keyshia will be alright. She’s a strong girl and she understands how messed up her family is. Sometimes you have to cut people off no matter how much you love them.

  4. i hope this is fake.if not they are still sad af. their kind of “dysfunction” isnt good for tv anyways esp without keyshia.their family is depressing dont nobody want to see that sh-t all the time.

  5. not trying to be funny but maybe they should let it go for real.keyshia hasnt been relevant in a long time its not like they have a family

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