Khloe Kardashian Causes Trina to Snap on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Trina was rumored to be dating French Montana before he hooked up with Khloe Kardashian, and according to multiple reports he never officially ended things with Trina before he began his public relationship with Khloe.

It’s rumored Trina is very angry with how French pretty much up and walked right into a new romance without giving her any closure, so it probably shouldn’t be surprising that the female rapper actually snapped on Instagram when one of Khloe’s fans tried it in the comment section of one of her photos (screenshot obtained by blogger The Shade Room):

trina goes off


  1. Whoever wrote that about Khloe is stupid. There’s nothing classy about anyone in that family. And French isn’t no damn prize. He left his wife and son behind to become a no hit wonder for Diddy. Goodbye.

  2. *le sigh* See, I have no problem with celebrities responding if they choose to. But if they’re going to clap back, I just want them to do so with some sense… That response was VERY rat-esque. She fell right into the trap and it doesn’t make her look any better than the troll who commented initially.

    1. Unfortunately, most entertainers need to read from “The Book of Beyonce”, when it comes to clap backs on social media.

  3. Umm ok. Trina’s response is very….ratchet and telling about her character. But that is a topic for another day.

  4. But isn’t that man STILL married? I know he walked out on his wife and son to become a one hit wonder, but isn’t he still legally married? And Khloe is about as classy as a pig in lipstick

  5. Trina bothers me. First of all, French is not worth clapping back over. Secondly, she talks and behaves like a hoodrat. And lastly, will she ever stop wearing those tacky wigs? She’s too pretty for that.

  6. Now, I don’t know why Trina’s response shocked some of y’all…… she might be known but that doesn’t change her ghetto feet mentality.

  7. You can tell Trina is very angry and hurt by what French Montana did. But you can’t date a man who abandoned his wife and kid and expect him to do right by you.

  8. khloe is classy? oh gawd *big sean voice*

    ….but why is she supposed to be mad at khloe or that montana and khloe are together? maybe im missing something but the fan was talking sh-t to her

  9. Khloe kardashian is a full blown hoe bag with a fat a-s. Disgusting…I can’t stand the sight if her. Kim is getting to the point she is disgusting. Mom kardashian is even worse. Kourtney is the only sane one in the group if you ask me.. they all can go suck a big black one. We all know khloe and kim does it well…

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