Mimi Faust Now Questions if Nikko is an Opportunist

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you back in November of last year that Atlanta gossip claimed Mimi Faust willingly agreed to make a professionally shot “home video” with her beau Nikko to have a juicy storyline in the current season of LHHATL and she’s been denying that the video was made and leaked on purpose.

Earlier Mimi defended Nikko against his critics and even claimed he’s been a better father figure to her daughter Eva than Steve J, but now she’s on Twitter telling her followers she’s not so sure Nikko really isn’t an opportunist. She tweets:

mimi faust twitter


  1. Girl sit. You’re an opportunist too because you willingly filmed the professionally shot porn tape and called up Vivid to sell it. STOP.

  2. Does she ever get tired of playing the delusional and naive baby mama who doesn’t know any better? It’s getting old now.

  3. *blank stare* Mimi had me fooled I knew she was stupid but I had no idea she was this stupid. Somebody could tell her the sky is really red but her eyes are just playing tricks on her she is just that gullible. It’s so obvious he is an opportunist every time her and Nikko interact with each other on the show he treats it like a game laughing and ish. What more convincing do you need idiot.

  4. She’s a terrible actress. She was in on all of this and that wasn’t even a sex tape. It was a professionally filmed porn video. And she and Nikko called Vivid to sell it together, after they leaked it together. Let’s stop pretending she didn’t know what was going on when she is the one who probably came up with the whole idea. Mimi isn’t a dummy. She’s a liar who will play any role to keep her spot on this show because her little cleaning business isn’t making any money.

  5. Well since Bambi’s mother confirmed that the show is scripted, this dry-a-sed, pornstar wannabe can go kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. Mona needs to hire better actresses for this show if she expects us to fall for the okie doke, and the crocodile tears.

  6. Im tired of this old lady thinking everybody is dumb to the fact she willingly filmed that boring a-s sex tape.. Mimi stop playing on our intelligence!

  7. Mimi seems cool but she’s so desperate to keep that Mona Scott Young check coming in that she’s willing to look stupid. I feel sorry for her because all money isn’t good money!

  8. how you dont know if hes an opportunist yet? stfu .i thought people can spot their own kind.birds of a feather…..

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