Tamar Braxton Has a Meltdown

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Tamar Braxton’s career is taking off and as she continues to build up her fan base, it’s clear that she’s just getting started. However, part of becoming successful in the music industry is dealing with the stress that comes with the job, and Tamar realized the other night that sometimes it can be too much.

Apparently Tamar had a meltdown during the middle of her Las Vegas show, so she wrote the following on Instagram just hours ago:

tamar braxton instagram

tamar braxton instagram 2tamar braxton instagram 3


When Tamar’s fans reminded her the show was actually in Vegas and not Dallas, she posted the following:

tamar braxton instagram 4


  1. Tuh so many of these girls want Beyonce’s success but they don’t understand or see how much work comes with that. It’s not easy. Tamar needs to just take a minute, reflect and ask herself if she wants a successful career. If she does, she has to toughen up. That industry ain’t for the weak. It will eat you alive. God speed.

    1. Well said. I’m not even a fan of hers like that but delusional people swear Bey is only on top because she’s pretty and uses sex appeal. LIES. That heifer works hard and that is why she has been on top as long as she has. You have to work hard to make it in the business, it ain’t for the faint at heart.

  2. I wonder what even caused this? Performing comes along with begin a singer, so why the meltdown? LOL.

  3. Chile I guess trying to be a Beyonce clone has become too exhausting for her. Don’t worry Tay Tay, it’s exhausting me too.

  4. She’s having panic attacks and breakdowns already? She’s only had one successful album and been hot all of 5 minutes. Girl stop it. Get it together immediately.

  5. She’s not cut out for this. Nice voice and fun personality aside, I don’t see it for her. It takes a lot of hard work to get on top. Maybe it’s time for her to accept music isn’t for her and she can just focus on being a mommy and a talk show host.

  6. Damn what is going on with Tamar? Chick couldn’t even remember which city she just performed in. :-/

  7. A meltdown for what? Doing what most women do (working and being a mom?). No ma’am. This is not a good look. It’s people who work even harder than her and they aren’t on IG spazzing and forgetting what city they just had a show in.

  8. I’m thinking Tamar wanted a great music career up until she became a mother. That really changes things and makes it hard on any woman. You honestly just want to be with your baby all day, not working. She needs to understand it’s ok to walk away from all of this. Life’s too short. If this is too much, cool. It’s something she needs to think about.

    1. She realizes that to be where she wants to be she has to work even harder than she’s working now and that freaks her out.

  9. “I honestly couldn’t remember a lyric ( which is nothing new) a dance step(every night)” – SELF SHADE.

  10. Not a fan at all but I think her body is trying to tell her to take a seat. She started touring not too long after having Logan and she’s been on it non stop. A break will do her good.

  11. But isn’t this what she wanted? I mean I get that people get exhausted sometimes, but it takes a lot of tours, shows and albums to become one of the top in the game. She needs to put on her big girl panties. She finally got what she wanted and she’s freaking out.

  12. You can want something so bad until you actually get it. I think Tamar is now seeing that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  13. Sorry, no sympathy over here. Other singers with young kids are able to perform in bigger venues and give 100% and keep their personal issues off of the stage. Tamar needs to step it up or get the hell out the kitchen. She is always a victim and she needs to get over herself. People paid good money and they came for a show, not a nervous breakdown.

  14. My thing is if you can shade the hell out of people and always got an opinion on everything and everyone,you need to make sure you can do your job. Obviously she can’t handle it so she needs to close her mouth and worry about herself and her career. Tamar is showing she ain’t nothing but a rookie in the game.

  15. So Tamar had time to sit her grown a-s on a radio station and talk about a two year old’s hair but she didn’t have time to handle her little issues so she wouldn’t have a meltdown on stage and have to walk out on her fans? Interesting.

  16. Karma is a b-tch and the muppet should have thought about that before she said what she said about Blue. But the fact remains when you are fake and try to be something your not this is what happens. She should refund those people their money back. Bey’s soldout 19 cities tour got the best of her and you can rest asure Bey will not be on stage crying and meltingdown. Tamar is now going to say she is out of the game now cause she knows that she is being sued for using that songwriters song and vocals and people now know that all she can do is sing well you can go to any black church and find a lot of good singers. Tamar should have never tried to go solo if 5 labels drop you that should tell you something.

  17. If you can’t handle the pressure that comes with a career of an artist, then get out of the game. Or handle whats stressing you out before you make yourself sick and then your fans end up having to suffer from your issues. They didn’t come to her show for her to have a meltdown. If she knew she needed a break to get some rest and get her mind right, she could have pushed back the tour or something. Tamar needs to rethink if this is what she wants ASAP!!!

  18. This is not ok. Yes life gets hard but this was very unprofessional of Tamar. Her fans deserve better than this.

  19. You want fame? well fame cost. I always said i respect the artist who tour a lot,because i could not do the same sh-t every night for 6 months.I Think you have to be a special person to be a superstar.
    I see rihanna tour and record Talk that talk album at the same time from the stage to the studio. this is why not everyone with a voice is a superstar. Superstars are driven they were born to do what they do.

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