Mimi Faust Confirms Nikko is Married?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Nikko married? Mimi Faust may have been defending her beau Nikko at first when news broke about their raunchy video, but now she’s not so sure that her man isn’t an opportunist.

It surely doesn’t help that it’s been rumored that Nikko is actually a married man and Mimi had no idea he has a wife.

Interestingly enough, Mimi didn’t deny the gossip during her recent interview with Atlanta radio station V-103. In fact, when asked if she knew Nikko was married, she laughed and said:

“I didn’t know anything. I don’t know anything about anything. I want you guys to keep watching ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Monday nights at 8¬†o’clock please.”

From the interview, it sounds like Nikko really is married but contractually Mimi can’t speak on the situation until the actual episode airs.


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    1. I was saying the same. She stay losing….she is 40 when is she gonna get smart ? I am starting to believe what others have said about her drug use….it explains why she is soo damn stupid drugs done fried her brains.

  1. She’s a big dummy. I don’t see how these people haven’t looked at themselves on television and not taken issue with themselves AND Mona for how they’re being portrayed. I’m pretty sure the money isn’t THAT damn good to where they are making complete idiots of themselves and are ok with it. This is someone’s mother. I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are either starving artists needing exposure or drug addicts needing a means of maintaining their fix. *in my Chris Brown voice* These folks ain’t normal….

  2. Damn what are we going to find out about him next? He also has about 5 kids he’s not taking care of? Man she has the worst taste in men.

  3. Wow! Bunch of haters. I guess you all need to look a little longer and closer to yourselves in a mirror. Be honest with yourself about yourself before you throw stones at other people. Especially if you live in a glass house.

    1. Haters? Girl goodbye. Mimi doesn’t have haters because she has absolutely nothing good going on in her life. Nothing. Many of us started off rooting for her in the beginning, but now we see how delusional, stupid and pathetic she is. You’re obviously on the same slow bus she’s still riding on. Now run along.

    2. Shut up Mimi. Glass houses? Nah. I’m college educated, I have a great paying career, a great husband, there’s not any videos online of me busting it wide open for a married deadbeat, nor did I give losers 15 plus years of my life. I had more common sense. You tried though.

      I can already see you’re one of those pathetic black women who cape so hard for Mimi because you actually think most black women are just like her.


      1. You’ll be waiting forever. The only people who have haters are winners. And no where in her life is Mimi winning. LOL.

        1. LOL. Thank you. I just can’t with the delusion. Some people really abuse the word “hater” and it’s annoying.

    3. Mimi is that u? Who is hating don’t nobody want nasty a-s Nikko or the other womanizer u was wit? Ur 40 and and a mother and ur can’t call ur self a role model. I am so glad I was raised by a strong smart woman. My moms made mistakes in her past like a lot of people do when they are “young” wtf is ur excuse? U didn’t have kids at an early age so u didn’t miss out on life I don’t fckn understand. I hate watching u on TV but it’s entertainment. U can’t come for no1 when ur shyt stands and it’s being broadcast on TV just take them L’s like that boss bish u claim to b

  4. Mimi obviously doesn’t know this man at all. He continues to make her look even dumber than Stevie did.

  5. Mimi seems intent on becoming Joseline. First the boob job, then getting with a Stevie J lookalike, followed by a foray into the adult industry and now possibly being a mistress herself. I hope the latest rumor isn’t true and that, if it is, she pulls an anti-Joseline move and runs the other way.

  6. Keep watching for what it is not going to change the fact that she is the porn star, dummy, whore, don’t give a damn about her daughter, the slut of the ATL. They need to get her off this show cause she is the most stupid women in the world. What ever they say about her being the main person on this show is wrong she makes herself look crazy.

  7. It’s funny how people judge others. We are not the finally judge. So whatever she choose to do with her life,it’s her that has to deal with that and answer to the good lord himself. Stop judging her. Until you can walk in her shoes and live her life Stop Judging. We all have a past these shows are pure entertainment

    1. Do you even know what judge means? In the dictionary, judge means to form an opinion. So are you really telling us to stop forming an opinion about Mimi when you just sat there and formed an opinion about us? Girl, gone. Everyone has a right to form an opinion. You’ll live. Mimi will too.

    2. Do you hear yourself this is a comment section and they ask us to give a comment if you don’t like what is said get your a-s off this site.

  8. OH wow really a whole year and you just are hearing about him being married!!!.. Like his wife wouldn’t have let it be known long ago.. fake a-s’s

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