Keyshia Cole Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day social media went crazy after Keyshia Cole took to her Instagram account to confirm she was on her way to London and she hoped she would be able to see the Eiffel Tower before she had to head back to her home in Los Angeles.

Instantly folks took to the comment section and dragged her because they believed she had no idea that the Eiffel Tower is actually in Paris, and the responses were so nasty some were shocked Keyshia didn’t clap back at the negativity.

keyshia cole instagram keyshia cole instagram 2

However, Keyshia is now setting the record straight and she says people really misunderstood her Instagram post:

keyshia cole instagram
keyshia cole instagram 2


  1. She needs more people immediately. It was very clear in the first post she really thought the Eiffel Tower was in London. But I’m sleep though.

    1. Well she did..she told Kid Fury to f-ck off when he tweeted to her about thinking the Eiffel Tower is in London. Then she posted this on IG.

  2. I’m not sure I believe her. But like Queen already said, at least she didn’t lose her cool over it.

  3. Girl bye you ain’t fooling nobody lol. Keyshia probably thinks the empire state building is in Florida. Take a Geography class boo lol.

  4. Isn’t it possible to fly near Paris on the way to or from London. Just because she was going to London doesn’t mean she wasn’t going anywhere else. Idk why folk making a big deal on what she said #disgusted

    1. Eh, it isn’t a big deal. People will be on to the next “scandal” tomorrow. You know everyone has short attention spans. Keyshia will be fine.

  5. And why can’t she go ahead and complete the word KNOW.. All she had to do is put W next to the O.

  6. Ummm.. the Bay Bridge is in Oakland. So if some travelevd to the states and said they wanted to see the Bay Bridge when they came to Oakland… They’d see it!!! Maybe she meant the Golden Gate Bridge, since that’s the tourist attraction.. sorry I’m from the Bay (sf bay area)

    1. Me too! And I definitely gave her some side eye for that one. She’s only digging the hole further by responding, cuz her ignorance keeps showing. You’re more apt to see the Bay Bridge on your way into Oakland and SF than you are to see Golden Gate.

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