Keyshia Cole Talks Her Family’s New Reality Show + Getting Past Troubled Marriage

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was rumored several weeks ago that Keyshia Cole was doing everything in her power to stop her family’s upcoming reality show (which still has not been picked up by a major network) entitled “Family Therapy from getting picked up by a network and it was later revealed that Keyshia’s family actually put out the rumor.

A little birdie informed us that Keyshia’s family was hoping putting out the rumor would get some major networks interested in picking up their show, and we were also told Keyshia was not trying to keep the show from seeing the light of day and she had no interest in engaging in a public beef on Twitter with any of her family members.

Turns out our source was spot on.

In a recent interview with WGCI, Keyshia confirmed she wasn’t trying to shut down her family’s reality show and she doesn’t have an issue with them doing another show without her.  She also says she thought their first reality show would also serve as some kind of therapy. When asked if she really did try to block her family’s new reality show, she says:

“Nah, not true at all. I definitely do think they do need help…as a family we need help. My whole main objective from that reality show from jump was to make sure that we grow.”


Keyshia hasn’t filed for divorce from her estranged husband Daniel Gibson yet but she now understands what she needs out of a relationship since going through their painful breakup:

“It’s no way of getting around not knowing if somebody is ready or not. That’s the whole thing about friendship. Whoever I end up with, I’ve been praying that he’s my friend first. If you think about being friends, you’re not going to go and get them hit up. You not gone put them in a situation where you gone get them shot. You ain’t gone put me in a situation where you make another woman think she got something over me. If we friends and you really love me like you say you do, it’s certain things you’re not going to do out of respect.”

Check out the interview below:


  1. I feel her on being friends before getting in a relationship. Anyway, she looks pretty in the picture.

  2. Seems like Keyshia realizes her and Daniel rushed into their relationship. It’s going to take a special kind of man to be with Keyshia and I’m saying that in the nicest way possible.

  3. Has anyone seen her live lately? I won tickets to see at the House of Blues next month so just wondering.

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