Nikko Moves on from Mimi Faust?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust defended her beau Nikko when people began to suspect he was the one who “leaked” their raunchy video (even though we already told you the video was not leaked and it was professionally filmed), and the LHHATL star even admitted recently that now she too wonders if Nikko may be nothing more than an opportunist.

But some are speculating Mimi and Nikko may be over and he may have already found a new boo.

Fameolous writes:

While browsing the Internet this morning, we found Nikko London hugged up with Bad Girls Club Sarah Oliver. We cannot confirm if Mimi is done with Nikko just yet, we just saw Nikko at the “Back To School” event in Atlanta, and sources say the vibes between Mimi & Nikko were not there. Peep out the photo with Nikko & Sarah and you be the judge.

nikko new boo


  1. But hasn’t he been caught creeping on Mimi before and she didn’t care then? So I doubt she will care now. Both of them are just using each other to be on the show anyway. It never seemed like a real relationship.

  2. Nikko did his pimp thing with Mimi and collected his coins from Vivid. Sarah is the white chick who swears she’s black that would let him take the pimpation even further to make a name for herself. He’s in good company with that one!

  3. No shade but he doesn’t even like women. It’s pathetic Mimi let this man drag her even further down.

  4. He never cared about Mimi. I would say he used her but it’s pretty clear she was in on everything too. She needed help being more interesting on the show and he gave her a way.

  5. But this isn’t a surprise. Nikko whored Mimi out for a little notoriety and she let him. He is doing exactly what an opportunist does he is on to the next.

  6. I haven’t watched Bad Girls Club in years but I would think any chick on that show would be perfect for Nikko.

    1. I haven’t watched it in years either. It just got redundant. Pick several THOTs, put them in one house and watch them get drunk and have sex with randoms they meet in the club and wait for them to turn on each other like a week after moving in. Boring.

      1. Bossip (I know, I know) was one of the sites showing a tape where she’s disrespecting black women, saying something to the effect that “no man wants a black woman’s p***y.”

        My thing is…her lips are pumped full of sh-t, her a-s has been lifted and plumped to within an inch of its life, she stays on black d-ck…b-tch you trying to be BLACK!!!

        It irritates the f-ck out of me that people like her and Miley like to play that sh-t, but then want to run back and act white when we or the media call them on it. Ugh!!!

  7. Nikko looks like his breath stinks. But when your desperate like Mimi, you’ll overlook that I guess.

  8. He’ll be back. Mimi is his meal ticket. No show, no money. They didn’t make much from that tape anyway.

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