Nikko Defends Not Telling Mimi Faust About His Wife

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nikko Smith isn’t exactly on good footing with Mimi Faust these days considering he never told her about his wife, and it also doesn’t help that he’s been prancing around town with another woman allegedly.

However, in a new interview with Vibe, the reality star tries to defend why he never told Mimi about his wife of ten years.

When asked about the status of the marriage, he says:

“I’ve been with this woman ten years. We got married in 2007. Our relationship was really strong. We decided to get married. In the process, our relationship fell apart, but it was a bad breakup. It was a messy breakup. We remained cool with each other. She was seeing someone else, and I was a free man. But we were separated.”

Nikko also says Mimi’s drama with Stevie J is why he neglected to inform her he is married:

“She didn’t know any of this. I made a decision not to tell her, because there was so much going on with this Stevie sh*t. I’m looking at it different from the way someone else may be looking at it. I was taking this to my grave. This was some secretive shit I was doing. I didn’t tell Mimi. I didn’t feel as that she needed to know. Going into this third season, I think I might have stretched it out a little too long. I could have sat down and told her, but I didn’t it. I didn’t do it.”


    1. Mimi knows what she’s doing. Whatever it takes to keep that LHH check she will do, including deal with Nikko. I hate to say it but her being stupid about men is why she got on the show in the first place. If she smartens up, she’ll be out of a job.

  1. Why is this bum getting interviews? Every time this man opens his mouth Mimi looks more stupid than before. Now you know you have reached rock bottom when you were doing better with Stevie J.

    1. As low as her standards are, she probably thought he was. But he’s not even an upgrade from Stevie. He’s actually worse.

  2. His excuse is very weak and selfish. Being married is the first thing he should have told Mimi when they started dating.

  3. If he really gave a damn about Mimi he would have told her no matter what was going on with Stevie. He really didn’t think she would find out and wasn’t going to ever tell her I bet.

    1. In this day and age, if you stole a pencil from the corner store back in middle school, somebody on social media is going to find out. Especially if you’re on a reality show. He must be real slow to think he was going to sleep on that info and not get caught.

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