Mimi Faust Reveals Current Relationship Status with Nikko

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Mimi and Nikko still together? Several days ago Nikko was photographed getting cozy with a “Bad Girls Club” star and many suspected it was a sign that his relationship with Mimi Faust is over, and Mimi expressed on Twitter that she is disgusted with Nikko because she had to find out via the blogs that he is a married man.

Although Nikko says he and his wife are separated and have been for many years, Mimi is embarrassed she was the last one to learn he is married.

In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Mimi reveals her current relationship status with Nikko. She says:

“No we’re not together, there’s no relationship, there’s no status.

“I can forgive him and I can forget that. I’ll probably never trust him again but I can forgive that and move on.”


  1. Mimi has to be either the best actress on the show or the most dense woman in reality television. She actually managed to do worse than Stevie J. That’s insane.

    1. I know right that is sad i am almost convinced she is in on all this she got played for free before why not make it look like you got played and got payed!!!

  2. I don’t know who is stupider Mimi or Benzino. You can tell she is going to take him back. Stay losing at life Mimi smh.

    1. Girl they are running a very tight race…..cause Stevie has made both of them do stupid shet just to prove a point to him.

  3. They will get back together soon. The only way Mimi can stay on Mona’s show is if she is a loser who picks terrible men. Mimi knows this and will act accordingly.

  4. I don’t really believe her. I mean she tolerated Stevie for 15 years on and off. That lets me know she doesn’t get rid of toxic people fast enough.

  5. Im not even going to pretend like I believe she is done with him for good because I know better. Mimi enjoys losing at life. Or least I think she does.

  6. Mimi ain’t fooling me. She will be back with Nikko soon and they will probably release another tape too. I’m calling it now.

    1. His old friend said on this week’s episode that there are probably more that she don’t know about. That he may have taped her unknowingly in the beginning.

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