Tamar & Vince on the Rocks?

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar and Vince marriage problems to be the focus of season three? “Tamar & Vince” is gearing up for another season, and it’s being rumored it will be an explosive one. According to reports, Tamar and Vince’s marriage is on the rocks and their issues will be the highlight of the season.

Blogger Sandra Rose writes:

By the way, an insider let slip one of the plot lines for season 3: Tamar’s ex-boyfriend, Larry, who happens to be gay, is back in her life. This isn’t sitting well with Tamar’s husband, Vince. I hear he has forbid her to see him, but she paid him no mind.

That’s Tamar and Larry pictured above and below.

tamar and larry

Tamar and Vince’s relationship has reportedly gone cold (but you didn’t hear that from me). Vince allegedly beats Tamar down to the ground on the regular. In fact, I’m told, the domestic abuse angle will be introduced this season. I even heard that the camera crew put their cameras down to pull Vince off of Tamar during a recent taping of the show.



Now we can’t confirm any of this, especially the domestic violence rumors, so we’re classifying this as gossip.


  1. I’ve heard the abuse rumors before but I don’t believe them. Anyway, these “marriage problems” rumors only circulate when it’s time for their show to come back on. I think it’s just PR.

  2. LOL. This is not even believable. Sounds like something Tamar’s people made up to get them in the news again because no one is checking for their show.

  3. So Tamar and Vince are just going to use the same lie they used the last time to get people to watch their show three seasons in? If you have to keep pulling stunts and telling lies to get folks to watch your show, maybe you shouldn’t have a show. Anyway, Vince seems like a good person who wouldn’t hurt Tamar anyway. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

  4. Soooo, her ex is gay, and Vince seems….well, I’ll leave that alone. But Tamar is a joke. People that try to ride the reality tv wagon too long end up worse than they started. When she got the buzz from Love & War, her music career should have become (and remained) her top priority. She’ll never be anything more than a product of reality television and these “rumors” only make her look stupid as opposed to generating interest in her show. Looks like being a doo-wop-pop chick for Toni wasn’t so bad if this is what she’s regressed to….

  5. Only reason I know who Larry is, is because he hooked up my fave Lupita’s hair. And he was on LA Hair with Kim Kimball. But yeah, he’s gayer than a $2 bread, so my side eye is narrow on Miss Tamar “Stunts & Shows” Braxton right now.

  6. I don’t think Vince would hurt a fly. I have to agree with the majority and say this sounds like a lie put out by Tamar and her camp. It’s sad the things some people will do for a reality show.

  7. She’s such an attention whore. Now everyone knows this is not true but I bet she has her publicist putting these lies out because her show is so damn dry and boring.

  8. When did she get her own show??? What channel? lmfao!!!! Naw 4real I didn’t even know she had a show….anyway does any1 knw when “The Walking Dead” is coming back on???? That’s all I care about rite now, that and “Girls”

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