Tami Roman Calls out the Hypocrisy

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tami Roman went from being a show favorite to one of the most hated stars of “Basketball Wives Miami” after she made a habit of attacking her costars.

Tami’s violent acts resulted in the reality show getting boycotted and online petitions, and eventually Tami admitted in an interview that she only turned up to bring in the ratings.

But now that BBW is in hiatus and she nabbed a small role in Halle Berry’s “Extant,” she subliminally called out the hypocrisy surrounding LHHATL.

She recently retweeted the following:

tami roman tweet


    1. Both shows have violence in them. U know all them b-tches like to fight, curse, and sleep with each other man.

  1. I gotta keep it 100, she’s right tho!!!!!! Joseline is way worse than Tami ever was but has more fans LOL!!!!

    1. Tami is very different from joseline. Tami intimate people, she will go from 0 to 100 in seconds. When she’s drunk, she become a monster. She fight Evelyn because Evelyn use to date her ex husband years ago. She try to fight Jennifer because Jennifer said she was never on food stamp. She intimate the yell out of speedy’s wife and all the other cast members that was afraid of her…..I do know this, joseline kept her cool for a very long time, I don’t blame her for going after mimi, tammy, and hothea. All these b-tches was talking sh-t behind her back.

      1. Sorry, but have to disagree with your analysis. There is absolutely no difference between the two. Both like to intimidate, and talk smack about others. Both go from 0-60 in less than 6 seconds, and both are willing to fight both men and women equally. Whether talk was behind their backs or to their face gives neither an excuse to hit anyone.

        But Tami is right, I see more folks on here co-signing Joseline’s behavior, and that is wrong, pure and simple.

        1. Who on here is stanning for Joseline except lovemygirl? Who said Joseline was right to anything except like two people on here? Only a couple of people cosigned Joseline. The mass majority on here are in agreement that Joseline is a coke head and messy as hell. All we said is that no one else on the show had a right to trash her because all of them are trash. Hell we just read about Tammy’s dumb a-s encouraging Waka to take pictures with guns and threaten Joseline and Stevie regardless of him being on probation. All of them are trash! And that is the truth. Don’t confuse us for Joseline fans because we called the ATL cast out on the hypocrisy.

          1. Wait! When did co-signing behavior become stanning, and fandom…not sure how you read that in what I wrote? It is a fact that they were folks on here who said the other women on Love&Hip Hop deserved to get their a-ses beat, and it seemed like it was more than two.

          2. I want you to back to that original post and tell me who all said those girls deserved to get beat up. I’ll wait.

        2. When Kenya got dragged by Porsha, you said Kenya deserved it and we all know Kenya didn’t put her hands on Porsha. How is that not hypocritical?

          1. Kenya was all in Porsha’s face, in her personal space! That was a boundary crossed. I don’t see that as hypocritical as all! She took two instruments and got in her face with them. That is threatening to me!

            You don’t have to agree with my opinion – I’m not asking you to!

          2. Ok I understand now. So you basically pick and choose when violence is ok based on who you like and don’t like because you don’t even make no sense here.

            1). Porsha was the one who got in Kenya’s face first and I say this as person who doesn’t even care for Kenya. But did Kenya hit Porsha when she got in her face? Nope. She told her she’d get fired if she assaulted her and that’s when Porsha assaulted her. The bullhorn was tacky, but there was nothing threatening about it. Yet you said she deserved to be dragged. Now, had Joseline did this to Althea you would have said she was wrong.

            You can’t pick and choose when someone has a right to be violent, and then in next second try to call out others on here for not being mad with what Joseline did. Just keep it real and stop being a hypocrite.

          3. julyol1972,

            So you’re just going to change up really happened at the reunion to fit your agenda sis? How was the bullhorn and wand in Porsha’s face when Cynthia was sitting between Kenya and Porsha? And it was Porsha who got up in Kenya’s face first, not the other way around. What Porsha did was not cool and against the law and that is why the police went forward with arresting her. Kenya was not charged with anything because she never threatened Porsha and the police agree that Kenya did nothing unlawful to warrant such action. But I know this is pointless. You hate Kenya so much you will twist the truth. Smh.

            *goes back to lurking*

          4. Kenya reached over Cynthia with the scepter and bullhore and got in Porsha’s face – Cynthia cringed several times when it happened. On the reunion, Andy even pointed it out to her, as a way of saying she was bothered by Kenya’s antics.

            If the show was on the other foot, and Althea had been the one that went after Joseline, I would’ve said she was in the wrong. I do believe each situation is must be judged on its own merits at that time.

          5. Meh, I’m not going to go on with this because I’m not a Kenya stan but your argument is weak. It’s not against the law to use a bullhorn or a scepter at a reunion or point it at someone. That is not threatening. Annoying, yes. But not threatening. You can have your own rules about what’s threatening if you want to, but if it doesn’t follow the law you will be arrested for putting your hands on someone. Porsha was wrong, point blank period. She put her hands on Kenya and according to the police, it was not self defense, it was assault. Did I enjoy the dragging, sure. I laughed. But the law sides with Kenya and not you or Porsha. If Kenya was really wrong, she would have been charged. So that is why your stance is hypocritical because you said nothing said about Joseline gives her a pass to hit anyone, but you give Porsha a pass to assault Kenya when she was never in any real danger. But whatever. I’m moving on.

          6. It may not be against the law to use them, but Andy and Bravo sure as heck realized that they could be sued for their usage, that’s why props are now banned from the reunions. Joseline got up out of her seat, crossed a stage, and proceeded to attack Althea – that is purpose work and she got what she deserved for it. You can call me a hypocrite, you can all my stance weak, whatever….you keep doing you! I’ll stick with my opinion – thanks!

        3. @Chelly @julyol1972 I see what both of y’all are saying. But I think when it comes to our faves and people we don’t like, we unintentionally get biased and see what we want to. I can admit Joseline was wrong, but I’ll be damned if I take up for Kenya LOL. Anyway, great points made.

          1. That’s why I like coming to this site – even when my a-s, or someone else’s is being chewed out, or strongly disagreed with…others will step in who can see both sides, and say so. Thanks for that!

          2. Now don’t get i twisted, julyol1972 is still my girl and we will be dragging folks when RHOA comes back on! Y’all know I call people out and I know y’all do the same to me if you don’t agree. It’s cool. LOL!

            And thanks Yeah I Said It!

          3. @Chelly — my a-s is still raw from that dragging, so I’m about to go sit in some soothing water. But thanks for saying what you did! We may not always agree but at least we can back up our strong opinions. Can’t wait for RHOA by the way!

    2. the thing is bbw was pitched to be classier initially so we were disappointed when they turned out ratchett, but we all knew and expected lhhatl to be ratchett from jump street. and joseline has valid points and sincere anger when she pops off, but the bbw got to a point where they were picking the weakest link to get bout it with just for ratings and it was very obvious. love tammy though!!!

  2. Joseline gets a pass because she’s a certified coke head and former prostitute. We don’t expect much out of her. Tami is a mother to two beautiful daughters and actually wanted to be an actress. So yes, we expect her to do better. Nice try though.

    1. Lol. ….Tami is a drunk. She loves her liquor. Tami got lucky because a basketball player wife her up, but she comes from the same breed joseline come from. She’s from the street too. Where do you think she learn how to talk and fight like a wild animal……Joseline is not a coke head in my eyes. Stevie was tested positive for coke, until then we can only assume.

  3. Sigh…I can understand what she’s saying but I really feel like people are missing the point. Who really expects much out of Joseline? Honestly? People just aren’t surprised about anything she does.

  4. Yea she might be right but why would she bring this up now. If you are on to bigger and better things why even mention this. If I’m on a new show with Halle Berry I wouldn’t want my name associated with Joseline or any reality tv just to prove a point.

  5. The thing is Tami was on a show called Basketball WIVES! Call me crazy but people thought that meant there would be some sort of class involved. So the outrage was bigger because people didn’t expect a show full of birds. Now L&HH ATL has always been clear about its ratchetness. We expect it.

    1. Preach! Tami and joseline are from the same breed. They both love to curse and fight. Tami knows she would been whopping people a-s on stage too if she had too. Tami aint know better. Tami would add dawn to her list too. That dawn is a hypocrite.

  6. Eh, I just think most people understand what LHHATL is about and in a way, BBW actually paved the way. Because of Tami and Evelyn there really wasn’t anything Stevie, Joseline and them could do to offend us much more.

    1. Preach! Tami and and Evelyn would fight on stage too. They ain’t no better than joseline……please, both shows have their pros and cons.

  7. The difference between Joseline and Tami and Evelyn and sometimes Shaunie and some of the others from BBW LA is that Joseline doesn’t go around bullying people who she views as weak like Tami did Meeka and Kisha or how Evelyn did Susie and whoever. What I witnessed was bullying on BBW and I don’t feel that way about Joseline. The people Joseline fight with are people who keep her name in their mouth. Tami and Evelyn would bully people for the littlest things. I remember how Tami picked on Kisha and the rest of the girls bc they sure weren’t women didn’t do much as say a word. I haven’t seen Joseline attack anyone without a good reason to IMO. Tami I have; and then she blames it on alcohol. I have never heard Joseline use an excuse to whoop anyone’s ass. It’s always someone running their beak about her. She doesn’t go around picking on random people.

    1. Hmm I don’t think it was cancelled. I just think VH1 doesn’t know what to do with it yet because Evelyn won’t renew her contract.

  8. Tami was a bully. I don’t justify Joseline’s behavior, BUT, the two should not be compared. Beyond Joseline’s behavior on the reunion (which was to be expected AND probably planned), she’s pretty chill unless provoked. Tami would start issues with people just off the strength of liquid courage. Ratchet is as ratchet does…. They’re all in the same boat at the end of the day.

  9. And as a matter of fact the reason why they show edited versions of fights on LAHH is because Tami and Evelyn showed their a-ses. Between Tami bullying and Evelyn throwing bottles at people and jumping on tables people started complaining and trying to boycott BBW and that’s where the fight censor came into play.

  10. But BBW is the reason LHHATL can even be as ratchet as it as now. Tami and them knocked down barriers. LOL.

  11. They’re both the same to me but I think I have to agree with the people who said BBW pretty much desensitized us to LHH.

  12. I’m late but I agree wit everyone and was cracking up. Ain’t none of them better. Joseline Neva came on the show actin like she was something classy or special…hell the girl was a side chick from the strip club come on!!!!

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