Tamar Braxton Goes After Yung Berg + He Claps Back

Photo Credit: Grammys
Photo Credit: Grammys

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Yung Berg tried to downplay the backlash of his anti-dark-skinned women comments by claiming he’s still making money as a writer and producer for some of today’s biggest music artists, and one of the artists he claims he’s produced for is Tamar Braxton.

However, when Tamar got word that Berg had made the claim, she immediately hopped on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and posted the following as a subliminal response:

tamar braxton twitter


Well Yung Berg clapped back and posted the following video to his Instagram account (video of Tamar actually naming him as the producer of “The One”):


Tamar has since deleted the response from her Instagram page but the tweet is still up.


    1. Ask her where she bought those tacky-a-s weaves on her head, and she’ll tell you with the quickness, but anything else is a blur.

  1. Tamar’s ole edgeless bird a-s is still attention whoring, huh? Well she tried the right one that day. Yung TURD is a bigger queen then she is.

  2. Tamar just stop okay. Its a shame you can’t remember who produced your music when you already said he produced it before. I know you wear them blonde wigs, but that don’t mean to act slow boo.

  3. Tamar has been dismissed. She needs to stop trying to shade people and read because she always ends up getting DRAGGED.

  4. Damn! Tamar’s a-s is not only raw from being dragged day in and day out, but at this rate, b-tch ’bout to be bald, cuz they ain’t no more edges to snatch. Lol!

  5. Damn it !!!! Like some1 up top mentioned when there’s 2 folks u dnt like beef u dnt knw who to root for…..but imma b unbiased and logical and say that light skin dyke lookin dude won….cuz he did produce and muppet face just didn’t remember….she needs to take this as a lesson DO UR HOMEWORK 1ST B4 U COME 4 ANY1

  6. My comment got deleted 🙁 why cuz I said the “light skin dyke lookin dude” and “muppet face”???? But that’s wat they look like…anyway Berg won Tamar lost….Tamar needs to take time to do her own history b4 she tries to shade folks…she looks dumb as hell now

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