Keyshia Cole Changes Her Mind

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago a dramatic trailer featuring Keyshia Cole’s family began making rounds on social media, and the singer’s family was hoping “Family Therapy” would get picked up by a major network. However, Keyshia claimed she was done doing reality shows with her family because it caused so much drama between them, but now it appears she may have changed her mind.

According to multiple reports, Keyshia has been spotted filming with her family but it’s allegedly for her own reality show set to premiere soon on BET.

Keyshia has also been posting videos and flicks with her fam on her Instagram account too:

keyshia instagram

keyshia instagram 2

keyshia instagram 3


It you pay close attention, you’ll notice that Keyshia’s sister Neffe is missing and we’re thinking they haven’t made up since Neffe called her out on Twitter months ago.


  1. I just hope now everyone sees that Keyshia uses her family just as much as they use her. So neither can say much about the other in that regards. #ThatIsAll

    1. This. And by the way, Keyshia is officially a user. It’s interesting that she only wants her family around when it’s time to film a reality show. Silly me to think all this time her family was using her. It’s actually the other way around for the most part.

  2. So she didn’t want to do their show, but she needs them to do her show? LOL. Keyshia is a trip. I guess she knows she needs her family to a certain extent if she wants a successful reality show.

  3. Why is she doing this again? I would rather Keyshia put all her time and focus into her music. Not another reality show.

  4. If Keyshia is putting up with her family again and going back to BET after they have pissed her off twice, I’m inclined to think she needs the money. And didn’t she just say she didn’t even get paid for that show she had with Boobie?

    1. Yeah she said she didn’t get the check from the guy who pitched the idea. I guess BET is actually over this show and will be the ones to cut the check.

  5. It’s funny how people can change their stance when it’s for their benefit. Keyshia uses her family when it’s convenient for her and in this case, she needs those albums to sell. In the end it won’t help because nobody is checking for Keyshia and her family it’s not 2007 it’s 2014 nobody cares anymore.

  6. So this is what Keyshia is doing with her time huh. Well it’s hard to root for her when the music she has been putting out lately sucks and she’s back to doing ratchet BET reality shows with her family. She’s regressing artistically.

  7. Damn I like Keyshia…but this doesn’t look good…..if she is doing reality Tv that means she is only doin this cause she has to. Sad how her marriage didn’t work out either. Usually wit these singers they find a baller and get married have kids and be set like Tamia. Keyshia gotta go back to the drawing board

  8. Keyshia is really losing right now. Between the Birdman thing and giving into her family’s ratchet reality tv dreams, she just keeps getting Ls.

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