Keyshia Cole Addresses Birdman Assault?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A couple of days ago R&B singer Keyshia Cole made headlines when it was confirmed that she assaulted a woman at Cash Money Records CEO Birdman’s condo, and some sources are claiming Keyshia has been secretly dating Birdman despite not being officially divorced from her estranged husband Daniel Gibson.

Birdman’s rumored former flame Kimora Lee Simmons has even thrown some shade Keyshia’s way for the messy drama, but it appears Keyshia may be breaking her silence on the scandal as well.

She posted the following to her Instagram account hours ago:

keyshia cole instagram



In related news, the woman Keyshia assaulted tells TMZ she is a childhood friend of Birdman’s and a Cash Money employee and she claims she has no clue why Keyshia attacked her.


  1. Keyshia shut yo dumb a-s up. How are you in love and you haven’t even gotten your ratchet a-s up to file those damn divorce papers? You ain’t in love, you’re lonely!!! Big got damn difference.

    1. Though kind of harsh, this is the truth. People always think they are in love when the truth is they are just tired of being lonely and happy for the temporary attention they are getting.

      1. yeees why is she trippin? she got bread, she should be paying for a degree at harvard, opening a private school that brings kids out of the hood, i mean dang there are so many things she can be doing to where the dikk will be chasing her because SHE is so busy and not the other way around LOL.

  2. I really try to give Keyshia the benefit of the doubt because she’s made some great music in the past, but this right here is nothing but foolishness. She’s too old to be so naive and ridiculous.

  3. So I read somewhere else that Keyshia has done this numerous times in other relationships. They said she fought multiple chicks over Jeezy, Daniel, and now Birdman.

  4. Keyshia is 32 years old. You mean to tell me this woman is in her 30s and still hasn’t learned the biggest rule of all which is you never fight over a man? What does that even accomplish besides jail time and criminal records? I hate to say it but Keyshia is spiraling out of control and it’s sad to see because she has made some classic albums IMO.

  5. She’s actually proud of herself? No wonder she’s fighting over Birdman. Chick has some very low standards when it comes to life.

  6. I do hope Keyshia will come to her senses one day and want better for herself. No man is worth going to jail for. And one who is won’t even put you in that situation.

  7. Keyshia is a little girl. Little girls “fall in love” so quick it’s ridiculous. Like a teenager….smh. She’s very immature.

  8. Really?? Love??? Birdman??? Ewwwwww them California girls ain’t got no type of standards ….they fck wit any hood n-gga wit money and tats……that is so sad. She is too accomplished and old to be fightin ova a man that she isn’t even MARRIED to I can understand her fighting ova her HUSBAND beating the bish a-s and her HUSBAND a-s…but this bird a-s shyt she done did makes no sense

    1. Hey, hey, hey….don’t class all of us Cali WOMEN in the same breath as Keyshia! She’s grown, yet still playing at this immature-a-s stuff! Nobody I know on this side of the coast acts like her trifling behind does.

  9. Keyshia has a lot of growing up to do but I’m starting to see that growth won’t ever happen. In about ten years though, she’ll regret about 85% of the choices she’s made because her music career didn’t turn out the way it could have.

  10. SAD REAL SAD, Keyshia should have just left and dealt with him later and dumped his a-s and then we would not be dragging her a-s on social media.

  11. Women have to stop seeking men to fill their empty spaces,physical and emotional. Keyshia has abandonment issues, that’s clear,she clearly pushes men away with these hoodlife antics, it’s cute for a minute ride or die and all but that gets old quick when the insecurity,immaturity,and hostility rears up.

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