Keyshia Cole’s First Week Album Projections Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole has been making headlines as of late for her troubled marriage to Daniel Gibson and her no longer secret romance with Birdman.

Her relationship with Birdman was exposed after she was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at his condo who she believed was sleeping with the Cash Money Records CEO, and by the looks of her social media activities, she’s still not back on good terms with him.

But she released an album this week, and now the first week projections are in. And according to Hits Daily Double, “Point of No Return” will only sell around 22-25,000 copies.

Sources close to the singer tell Urban Belle EXCLUSIVELY that she’s very disappointed in her numbers, but she’s not blaming her fans for the weak sales. In fact, she’s actually blaming her label:

“Keyshia feels like her label dropped the ball. They haven’t been promoting her enough and a lot of people didn’t even know she had an album coming out. That’s just terrible promotion.”

Keyshia is currently signed to Interscope Records.


  1. She can’t even put this one on the label though. Her music isn’t good this time. Keyshia may be ratchet, but she could still sell records and go gold because she makes good music. This album just isn’t good and people weren’t motivated to buy it.

    1. Yeah I heard the album and it’s trash. Keyshia is the one who dropped the ball. Her second album will always be my favorite.

    2. But her last album before this one flopped too. It didn’t go gold and stalled at like 250,000 copies. I think it only sold 90,000 the first week too. Keyshia knew her sales were weakening, but she still chose to be lazy about making good music and promoting herself.

  2. She flopped harder than I thought she would. So this means K Michelle, Tamar and hell even Ciara outsold her. Ashanti too!!!! Got damn!!!!

  3. She had no hit though. The only person who can sell albums like that without a hit is Beyonce as far as R&B singers are concerned.

  4. I knew it was a wrap when she shaded Beyonce. I’m not a stan and never was on the Beyonce train but it does really seem like any female who comes for her in R&B becomes a permanent flop. It’s like a curse or some sh-t.

    1. Nope. Do not put this on Bey. If Keyshia’s fans want her to do well, they can easily just purchase her album. They didn’t and that’s on them. Not Beyonce or the Hive.

      1. I’m glad you said this. It gets on my nerves when people constantly blame Beyonce, Rihanna and their stans for why another singer isn’t selling. Both Rih and Bey worked hard to develop their loyal fan bases and that’s what these other artists need to do if they want to stay in the business.

  5. She could have been promoting her music harder if she felt the label wasn’t doing enough. Chris did. He turned his IG account into a platform to promote X. Every picture he posted had an X on it and he tweeted about it constantly. Keyshia didn’t promote her album until like two days ago. Instead it’s been all about Boobie and Birdman. You can’t depend on the label to do anything for you anymore.

    1. Exactly….instead of all that rachetness she should have been promoting her album….cause if it wasn’t for UB, I wouldn’t have known she had one.

  6. Girl bye I knew she was going to flop with them wack songs and all that talking about Boobie all the time is the reason she flopped. Instead of being a damn fool behind Birdman she should have been promoting her album.

  7. These numbers aren’t shocking to me. If anything when albums sell this bad, you can see better which artist is putting in the work and who’s depending on the label to push units. When it’s easy to download free music, you as an artist have to go above and beyond to promote your work or just find a creative way to excite your fans about your music. It’s time for artists to be innovative in releasing their music. Beyonce did it. Jay did it. Ye did it. And I believe Rihanna will too with her next album. The bare minimum and talk show rounds via the label isn’t enough anymore.

    1. Gotta cosign this. Another thing I noticed is Ariane Grande has a couple of hits now and her first week she only pushed like 200,000 copies. The most she will do is gold and she’s talked about all the time. Nowadays hits, nor typical promotion rounds mean you will get strong album sales. It takes so much more to even go platinum now.

  8. Music wise I think she just tried too hard this time. Her fans kept telling her they wanted bitter and angry Keyshia like the first album because her marriage is over. But it was just so forced and the music is wack.

  9. When you’re more about your love life than promoting your music, you have to own most of the blame when things go south. A label will only exert itself for a bankable artist, otherwise they’ll do the bare minimum till the contract runs out and then drop you. She should’ve been blowing up social media promoting on her own. Lazy album + lazy, nonexistent promotion = flop.

  10. If you’re black, and your name ain’t Beyonce or Rihanna, you will flop. People want to drag the BeyHive and the Navy and call them fanatics and all that but they don’t play about supporting their faves. These other fan bases need to get their ish together. I think Keyshia is disappointed with her fans but she’s smart enough to not go around and trash them. I can respect that.

  11. I can’t with her acting like she has no role in this album flopping. The truth is people started side eyeing her when she dropped that stupid Rick James song and that fake lesbian joint. It just turned people off and let people know her album wasn’t going to be good. If she doesn’t get it together soon she will get dropped by her label.

  12. Being that I have Crikcet I was able to download it for free. After I heard it I think I kept like 3, maybe 4 songs. The rest she could have kept. It just wasn’t a good album. Now “The Way It Is” (1st album) that I can play backward & forward.

  13. People don’t want to buy albums anymore so you have to convince them that you’re worth it. Keyshia hasn’t done that since A Different Me.

  14. The music industry is fickle than a muh’fucka…Back in the 90’s labels went all out for their artists whenever they were about to drop an album. Then again the quality of music was much better back then.

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