Tami Roman Goes off on Chris Brown Critic

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tami Roman is used to backlash, especially since a lot of folks were fed up with her behavior on “Basketball Wives Miami.” While the reality show is on a hiatus, Tami has made it clear she wants to move past the constant criticism and she’s been working on herself since the violence.

Interestingly enough, she is also a huge fan of Chris Brown, and she also feels his critics should leave his past in the past.

She had no problem getting one of Chris’ critics together on Twitter the other day too when they brought up the singer’s past and even came for her parenting skills (read tweets from top to bottom):

tami twitter

tami twitter 2


        1. Let what go? What he did to Rihanna will always be on his record and cemented in history. So why do we have to let it go? He can’t even let it go. He talks about it in all of his interviews.

        2. Those who forget their past, usually bring their sh-t into the future. Your fave still hasn’t learnt his lesson, nor is he contrite. It won’t go away till he makes it right!

          1. He’s not my fave. I’m just tired of people still going on about something that happened in 2009. Like enough already.

          2. Snoop Dogg was up for murder, most folks don’t even remember that because of the changes he’s made in his life since. Chris needs to do the same or his past will continue to follow him. Simple as that!

  1. All her anger aside, she’s absolutely right. People deserve to live in their present, not their past. Chris has been focusing on his music and just released an album. Why are people still on what happened between him and Rihanna?

  2. I always chuckle when black women go so hard in the paint to defend Chris. He wouldn’t even date a black woman now.

  3. So it’s wrong to have a personal preference to like Chris Brown. If you don’t like that she likes CB that’s your personal preference. But to infer that she is a bad mother is ridiculous. I guess liking a particular artist makes you a bad parent that seems very logical smh.

  4. Tami attacks women too… so like recognize like! And she is a bad mother, because she bought a lot of violence into her children’s lives. If we’d done that crap, Child Services would’ve been at the door with a warning or to remove.

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