Tamar Braxton and Traci Braxton Beef on Social Media

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton is the only one in her family besides her big sister Toni to find some success as a solo artist in the music industry but she’s made it clear she wants her career to speak for itself and she doesn’t feel like she owes all of her success to her big sis.

On the current season of “Braxton Family Values,” Tamar is once again clashing with her sisters and it’s not unusual for their drama to spill over into social media beefs.

Recently both Tamar and Traci had plenty of shade to throw at each other as fans looked on. It started with Traci subliminally reminding Tamar that Toni paved the way for her career and ended with Tamar shading Trina’s chances of getting a Grammy (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

tamar and traci beef ig


  1. Why does this “family”, (and I use the term loosely), even bother. They don’t even seem like they like each other very much.

  2. Toni did pave the way for her sisters no lies were told. Hell if it wasn’t for Toni, Tamar probably wouldn’t have met Vince the other person who she owes her career to. But typical Tamar being the EGOMANIAC that she is doesn’t want to acknowledge someone else’s contribution to her success.

  3. I think all these women need to grow up and keep their issues off social media but I guess it’s too late to do that with them being on TV and all. I hope the money is worth looking ratchet.

  4. To be honest. I think both are wrong. Tamar’s sisters do passive agressively come for and she lashes back out. It’s really unfortunate.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, this family has always had issues. They weren’t really speaking like that until the show, so they’re basically airing out unresolved issues for their reality show. That never ends well.

  6. As a MARYLANDER…I try supporting, by watching their show….I always change channels…THEY ARE LOUD & CLASSLESS…

  7. Tamar needs to humble herself and give credit where credit is due.She is lucky to be related to a music legend and yes Jesus did pave the way for her but through Toni Braxton.

    1. So Toni is the reason her first week album sales were over 100,000? Is Toni the reason she now has her own talk show? Is Toni the reason she was the only sister to get her own spinoff show? Oh and is Toni the reason Love and War was hit? Stop it. Toni gave her a start but Tamar is the reason things worked out for her.

  8. No matter how Tamar wants to slice it Toni did pave the way for her. Toni not only made her a backup singer but she also introduced Tamar to Vince. I don’t know why it pains her to admit this.

  9. I don’t think Tracy was throwing any subliminal shade she was simply stating facts. Tamar won’t get far because she don’t know how to humble herself and keep her mouth shut. Even on “The Real” she tries to outshine her co-hosts. All she has is 2 lousy soul train awards under her belt and news flash Soul Train ain’t what it use to be. winning a soul train award back in the day was a big deal now, not so much.

  10. I find it hilarious that people can’t get out of their own biases about Tamar and see it for what it is. Tamar is always being picked on. Her sisters are jealous that someone besides Toni actually has a career. They didn’t think Tamar could do it so they shade her every time they get. Don’t expect Tamar to sit down and take it when they come for her first.

    1. Chile, what planet are you from? Tamar has an enormous mouth piece then plays victim when she gets called out on it. Tamar needs to show some humility and stop throwing her success in her sisters faces every chance she get. She tries SO hard to be “Toni Thee Braxton” but it will NEVER happen.

      1. Tamar might be loud but that doesn’t mean she’s wrong. If you watch the show you’ll see that she’s always trying to get along with her sisters. But because some of them aren’t successful (Traci and Towanda) they are always picking on her. Especially ToMANda. She has said several times that Toni paved the way for her but Toni didn’t MAKE her which is true.

        1. Um…Traci does have a career…She’s a new artist on the E One Label. Just released her debut solo album “Crash and Burn” and the album reached number 1 on the Heatseekers Billboards R&B albums. And she was on Marriage Bootcamp and has her own Radio Talkshow. Traci has a very good heart and she’s much more humble than Tamar. Tamar is successful and I like her music but it’s unfair to discredit her other sister’s achievements. Traci is moving on up. Now Towanda…well I can’t say much for her…LOL Much Love!

          1. Agreed! After watching BFV this past Thursday, I’m starting to believe that Towanda IS in fact jealous of her sisters. It’s funny how all of a sudden she had food poisoning the day Traci wanted them all to appear in her video.

    2. Tamar is a bully and one day she is going to piss off the wrong person and her little world will be crushed. Tamar is not doing nothing great, there are a lot of artist that have a lot more shine than her and in a few more months she will be a one hit wonder.

  11. I agree she does try (hence her wanting to do the gospel album) however I don’t think they pick on her because she’s successful. Again, her mouth is no-filtered and she think it’s cute. Traci & Towanda don’t mind telling her off whenever they feel the need too especially Traci. Tamar needs to let her success speak for itself. Toni is the epitome of humbleness and humility she never speaks of her dynamic career. Though she most certainly could she chose not to and that’s why she is so widely respected.

  12. And lastly, why do y’all keep saying Toni is the reason why Tamar is successful? If that’s the case how come Toni wasn’t able to make any of her other sisters successful? Tamar made herself successful. A famous sibling doesn’t guarantee you will be successful. Look at Solange (no shade). She’s Beyonce’s sister and she still has no hit album or single.

    1. The only reason “Braxton Family Values” generated interest in the first place was solely based off the name “TONI BRAXTON” not “Tamar Braxton” It doesn’t matter if the show was Tamar’s idea whatever career she had back in the day was long dead and gone by the time the show premiered. Tamar re-established herself once the show took off. Yeah she became a fan favorite due to her personality but that personality alone clearly wasn’t enough to make her who she is today had it not been for the show which she should thank Toni for because had Toni not agreed to do the show let alone make any appearances We Tv probably would have passed which concludes that Toni DID in fact play a pivotal part in Tamar’s success TODAY.

      1. Sorry, you’re still giving Toni too much credit. Riddle me this. So Toni also gave her other sisters the same exact platform right? Where are their talk shows? Where’s their spinoffs? Hit R&B singles? Impressive first week album sales? Sold out shows? Y’all confuse someone giving someone a platform with someone making someone successful. That is not the same thing. Toni gave Tamar a platform and Tamar acknowledges that. But Toni did not make Tamar successful.

        1. Instead of saying “Toni made her successful” I will say that “Toni paved the way for Tamar” and “Toni gave Tamar a platform.” Tamar’s personality and her drive made her who she is today however it would not have been possible or at least not as sooner had it not been for the damn show. Traci, Towanda, and Trina don’t have the Drive Tamar does or Vincent Herbert for a husband who has all these connections within the industry. That’s why they didn’t get as far as Tamar have.

  13. Her over the top personality made her successful however, had it not been for Toni’s name alone the show probably would not have seen any light of day.

  14. Tamar got one crazy fan on these comments commenting as different people trying to defend her. We see you psycho. The show would not be on air without Toni. Tamar was a nobody. Her name didn’t carry weight. Tamar used Toni to get the show. She used all of her sisters to play co-stars. She act like she was doing it from the heart for family but she just was trying to get her own show behind there backs. She used and stole Tiny’s idea from Tiny Tonight to create the Real. She uses people to get where she is today and when she’s done she acts like she has amnesia. She had a plan and she started with using Toni. They were all plans to get her where she is today. She uses Vince everyday. Who in the hell would marry Vince without the money? If he leaves her that will be her first step in the falling of her empire and the way she treats her sisters are disgusting. She acts like there beneath her. She can say what she want to them but she gets offended when they get back in her a$$. She thinks its cute to bash her sisters bodies. Have she not took a look in the mirror at her own and she had so much work done to her face and she really doesn’t see how ugly she is and her mouth makes her extra ugly. The way she acts is horrible. She needs to humble herself because she’s going to hide behind a rock when she starts to fall.

    1. “Who In The Hell Would Marry Vince Without The Money?” #DEAD #DEAD #DEAD Roflmao! You Ain’t Lying Tho! Yuck!!!!!!

  15. Some of y’all are really salty. Why is it hard to believe Tamar actually has fans on here? Who do you think bought her album which has now sold 400,000 copies as of last month? Oh by the way…Love & War sold 4 times more copies than Toni’s last album. Like I said, Toni didn’t make Tamar. She paved the way but Tamar made herself a success. The album sales and sold out shows proves that. So go ahead and seethe. Tamar will keep winning while y’all keep waiting for her downfall. 2 reality shows, 1 talk show, an album on that will soon be gold and hit single and she’s just getting started. Smooches!

      1. Umm not everyone has to have the same type of personality. Tamar is Tamar. She’s loud, cocky but that has nothing to do with her talent. So no she doesn’t have to humble herself to stay successful. She isn’t the only cocky person in the industry, and she won’t be the last. Deal.

    1. “Love & War Sold 4 Times More Copies Than Toni’s Last Album”….AND? If Toni Never Made Another Album She Would STILL Be An Icon. It’ll Take Another Lifetime B4 Tamar Accomplish Even Half The Things Toni Has Due To Her Attitude. Toni earned THREE Grammy Awards, & THREE Bill Board Awards from her debut album. Tamar earned 2 Soul Train Awards from Love & War boo.#HumbleYourself

      1. Let me get this straight. You want to bring up Toni’s past success but you won’t even acknowledge Tamar’s current success. Girl goodbye. Tamar is doing well and that’s why y’all are really on here mad. Y’all thought she would fail because y’all don’t like her, yet she’s doing very well for herself. Get over it. And SMH at you downplaying black awards and praising the white washed Grammy awards. Toni wouldn’t even get a Grammy today because black artists keep getting overlooked for the Adeles of the world. Girl have a plethora of seats.

  16. You Making Money Off Tamar Hun? Seriously. Every time There’s A Post About Ole’ Girl on Here You Be Going In! Not Everybody Is Gonna Like Your Fav Babes.

  17. Tamar is a terrified little girl, who’s afraid that someone else is going to steal what little shine she has. She will never achieve the fame that Toni has because she has envy in her heart.Incredibly successful are not intimidated by someone else’s success but are happy to see others achieve their own accomplishments.Tamar needs to be careful because just as fast as she’s received these blessing she can surly lose them. What’s for you is for you and nothing and no one can stop that if it’s God’s will. Much success to Traci!

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