Tamar Braxton Has Had Enough

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton has been catching a lot of heat for her actions on the current season of “Braxton Family Values,” and she’s even been getting criticized for shading her sisters on her social media accounts.

However, some of Tamar’s critics feels she doesn’t give her big sister Toni Braxton enough credit for her success, but Tamar disagrees and tweeted the following the other day (read tweets from bottom to top):

tamar twitter 3
tamar twitter 2
tamar twitter


  1. She said nothing but the truth. Toni had a great career and paved the way for Tamar, but she didn’t make Tamar successful. Tamar only needs to thank God for her success.

  2. Tamar is so hard to like most of the time but I don’t know how many more times she needs to give her sister props before it gets redundant. People need to let it go and let her be.

  3. I guess the only benefit from all of this is ratings and more money because I can’t imagine any other reason any family would air out their dirty laundry like this.

  4. She lies a lot too she did call Trina a b-tch, I don’t think Tamar knows that in this industry if you say stupid sh-t it will come back for you. What she said about Toni will affect how she is looked at in the industry. She needs to act her age.

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