R&B Singer Shareefa Shades Keyshia Cole’s New Album

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that a source close to Keyshia Cole informed us that the R&B singer is not happy about the album sales for her latest album “Point of No Return,” and she’s pretty much blaming the disappointing numbers on her label’s lukewarm promotional methods.

And now that it’s been confirmed that she only sold a little over 25,000 copies in the first week, we can only imagine she’s not going to be happy that another R&B singer is shading her album.

R&B singer Shareefa recently came for Keyshia on Twitter, and she called her out because she’s upset Keyshia used the same album title she used for her debut studio album.

That Grape Juice writes:

In 2006, Shareefa rocked R&B with the debut album ‘Boss‘ was pulled from, ‘Point of no Return.’

This year, her R&B sibling Keyshia Cole released an album with the same name, and it’s this fact that has the ‘Phony’ singer less than impressed with the ‘She’ siren.

She blasted her with:

shareefa twitter

It didn’t end there.

For it wasn’t long before she retweeted a message sent to her by Roc Nation artist Chase J, who hit out at Keyshia with…

shareefa twitter 2


Keyshia hasn’t taken the bait…yet.


      1. Yea she had I need a boss & Cry no more which I liked but that was in 2006 this is 2014. She really upset about this album title but she only has 2 songs that define her career. She has bigger problems to worry about Keyshia.

  1. Now Keyshia may irritate me with some of her choices, but at least she has whole catalogue of work she can be proud of. Shareefa is a one hit wonder. Seriously.

  2. Psst…Shareefa, for an album to be considered a classic, people actually have to buy it. No one bought your struggle album. Have a seat.

  3. I’m no fan of Keyshia at all but why is this chick who had one semi-hit she not even classified as one hit wonder coming for her. Girl sit down nobody has even given you a thought since 2006.

  4. Now this was just petty. Does Shareefa not know how many albums share the same title? It happens all the time. She needs to get over herself.

  5. Well damn! Who knew she had the copyright, AND trademark to that title, and the picture! Those royalties are really flowing in, huh???

    It’s a shame Twitter and IG has given these nobodies a platform!

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