Keyshia Cole Catches a Break

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago R&B singer Keyshia Cole was arrested for assaulting a woman at her secret boo Birdman’s condo, and it’s all because she thought Birdman was sleeping with the young woman who turned out to be a Cash Money Records employee.

But the good news for Keyshia is she won’t be prosecuted.

TMZ writes:

Sources in the L.A. City Attorney’s Office tell TMZ … they will not prosecute Cole after she went to Birdman’s crib in the middle of the night last month, allegedly spotting a woman inside and going nuts on her.

Prosecutors have told Cole that instead of going to trial, they want her to appear at an informal office hearing, where someone from the City Attorney’s Office will listen to her and the victim and then give the singer a stern warning not to do it again … or else.



Keyshia will most likely have to take anger management courses though.


  1. She really lucked out. So I hope she will get herself together because right now her life is a mess and her career is on its last leg.

  2. Is it wrong that I wished she’d gotten at least a month in jail, just so she could understand that her rachetness must cease. It’s about damn time she starts acting like a grown-a-s woman, and mother instead of some desperate, neighborhood chick.

  3. She only got off because she’s famous. Her a-s needs to go to jail. She is always putting her hands on somebody. She’s too old for this mess!

  4. I just can’t believe Keyshia actually reverted back to her ratchet hood ways. It’s sad to see. I was rooting for her.

  5. She’s lucky but this won’t be the last time she cuts up. Keyshia likes to pretend she’s better than her mom and her siblings, but she’s really not.

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