Keyshia Cole Seduces Birdman on Instagram, Claps Back at Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole got lucky and avoided persecution after she assaulted a woman at her secret boo Birdman’s condo weeks ago, and sources claim the R&B singer went ballistic on the woman when she arrived to Birdman’s place unannounced and saw the woman was there, therefore thinking they were having a possible secret affair.

Not too long after Keyshia took to her Instagram account to shade Birdman’s attempts at making up, but now it appears the romance between Keyshia and Birdman is back on.

The other day Keyshia posted videos of herself grinding and dancing seductively on her Instagram account. She also made sure her followers knew the videos were for Birdman because she mentioned him in the captions:

A video posted by mouthtoears (@mouthtoears) on

A video posted by mouthtoears (@mouthtoears) on

keyshia cole captions


keyshia cole captions 2


Once enough of Keyshia’s fans begged her to remove the videos because they believed it was a bad look for her, the singer then deleted both videos from her account.

Interestingly enough, Keyshia appears to be annoyed with the backlash because she posted the following to her Instagram account hours ago:

keyshia cole instagram


As far as Keyshia taking back Birdman, we hear from sources close to the singer that Birdman was finally able to convince her that nothing was going on with the female Cash Money employee she found at his condo the day of the assault, and Keyshia is back to being totally smitten by the Cash Money CEO.


  1. People aren’t acting like our ish doesn’t stink. We’re being real with her and letting her know that what she’s been doing lately hasn’t been in her best interest. She’s going downhill and she can’t even see it.

  2. Pahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! The seduction struggle!!! And is that her song or nah? ‘Cause considering her album is projected to flop, I’d be promoting my own track(s). Every Birdman deserves a bird tho I guess. He wins.

  3. I’m just confused by all of this. She still won’t divorce Boobie, but she has no problem twerking for Birdman on IG? Why hasn’t she filed those papers?

    1. I agree and the crazy thing is I heard a while ago that she’s on that stuff but I brushed it off because I just couldn’t imagine her doing that considering what her mom went through. But you never know.

  4. Its not that out ish dont stink but she couldve seent the drunk/struggle grind to him in private, no need to show that to everyone. She messed up my song now, everytime I hear “Eyes Better Not Wander” im gonna thing of the struggle Keyshia went through…dammit

  5. Keyshia has basically hit that point of her career where she can no longer be taken seriously. She’s so thirsty for attention that she’s not thinking about the long term effect her behavior and stunts will have on her career. I guess she has to drop two more flop albums to get that though.

  6. Wth? & why the hype man making her struggle worse? I just can’t with KC…..& she has the nerves to talk about her fam.

  7. I just don’t understand Keyshia these days. Is she going through something? Besides the divorce because she’s been acting very off.

  8. Ok is she thirsty 4 attention like that or nah??? Lmao she should’ve DM’d Birdman that…she ain’t Beyoncé and she was not getting paid to perform on the piano….anyway I like this song whoever song it is….shyt she gave me an idea….a private idea tho

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