Traci Braxton Talks Tamar’s Twitter Shade

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The latest season of “Braxton Family Values” revolved around lots of drama and messiness between the Braxton sisters, and on multiple occasions the drama led to lots of Twitter shade too.

In fact, Tamar actually shaded Traci’s new album and even made it clear on Twitter that she doubts Traci could ever get a Grammy with her new music.

Tamar caught a lot of backlash for the shade, but Traci claims in a recent interview that she doesn’t take Tamar’s antics to heart.

Traci tells the Hip Hop Socialite:

“You know what, fans like to be on sides, and try to ’cause some division with the sisters or speculate anything. That’s my baby sister. Tamar and I, we know we love each other – we know we say things to each other and everything like that. But you know, she’s the baby sister. We spoiled her – she’s going to be spoiled. It’s like Venus and Serena, you know, when they have a match together, but they still love each other.”


  1. She answered the question like a sister should. At the end of the day, they still love each other. I just hope they stop putting their issues out on social media all the time but I guess they feel like they have to because of the show.

  2. They just need to make sure the show doesn’t cause more strains in their relationships. It’s like ratings become more important than relationships.

  3. Well maybe if she and Tamar would keep their business off social media, folks wouldn’t pick sides. But agree that hers was a mature response, now watch Tamar clap back with something petty.

  4. Boh of them need to grow up. Traci throws shade too but hides hands. Tamar at least is open about her messiness.

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