Tamar Braxton Ponders Leaving ‘Braxton Family Values’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer, talk show host and reality star Tamar Braxton has been catching lots of flak for the latest season of “Braxton Family Values,” and her numerous social media tifs with her own sisters hasn’t helped her case.

Interestingly enough, Tamar is now claiming that she may not return for another season of the hit reality show and she says it’s all because of social media criticism and tricky editing.

When asked if she will do another season of BFV, Tamar tells Renada Romain:

“I’ve not quite made up my mind yet….I feel like I really work hard for everything I have. Nothing has been handed to me, no matter if people what to contribute that to Toni’s success or Vincent’s success. At the end of the day, I have to get up early every day and bust my behind just like everybody else…

“I’m trying to figure out when did Toni Braxton become a problem in my life…They saying that I have a big head or think I’m a diva or I think I don’t owe anything to my sister Toni Braxton.

“For me, I don’t want to be depicted as a person that I’m completely not.”


  1. Tamar ain’t going nowhere. She says this after every season because she’s all in her feelings about being dragged on Twitter.

  2. Well she’s at a point where she no longer needs BFV. She has a talk show, her own reality show with Vince and a singing career. I think that’s the real reason her sisters pick on her all the time.

  3. Tamar come on now you know you are showing your true self on BFV. Maybe I would believe her BUT she acts the same way on Tamar & Vince the same way on social media and the same way on The Real but just a little milder.

  4. I can’t stand when reality stars blame editing for acting a fool on TV. They aren’t forcing you to be annoying Tamar. You’re doing that on your own.

  5. I mean who wants to forever be in their sisters shadow…is Tamar an angel…not in any sense of the word but is she a human being who wants props for whatever hard work she put it…yes…perception is reality and she just wants to be perceived as her own being not a Tonis lil sister not vince’s wife but just Tamar…i cant hate

  6. Ppl like Tamar needs to understand the reason why artist and legends like Toni Braxton and Beyonce is well loved and respected is cause they don’t air their opinions or arguments on social media.Ppl shade and crit Bey but u don’t see her going off onm twitter.When all this went down Toni didn’t say or tweet anything cause her fans took care of it lmao

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