Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton & Karrueche Beef Update

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you last night that the internet went crazy after Chris Brown hopped on his Instagram account and dragged Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon for talking about his relationship with Karrueche Tran during the recent episode of “The Real,” but Chris got a lot of criticism for his actions because a lot of people feel the R&B singer overreacted just based off what was actually said on the show.

Clearly Chris disagrees, and he said the following in an Instagram video:

A video posted by BREEZY (@chrisbrownofficial) on

“Everybody entitled to their opinion… I’m entitled to mine too! F**k u mean!? Somedays, you the bug. Other days, you the windshield. What you drink don’t make me piss!”


Karrueche also gave her two cents on the situation and called out Tamar on her Instagram account:

karrueche instagram
karrueche instagram 2

And of course Tamar wasted no time in responding too:

tamar instagram
tamar instagram 3


But what was the weirdest part of it all? It would easily be Lauren London jumping in the beef and checking Karrueche on her Instagram account (she then got on Twitter and claimed she was hacked):

lauren london jumps in

In related news, Tamar is also now pointing out on her social media accounts that she was actually defending Karrueche and Chris. Check out the video below and let us know if you agree:


UPDATE: Chris just released another “statement,” and he claims he may have went too far but it’s all because he’s “real.” Check out the statement below:

chris brown instagramchris instagram 2chris instagram 3


  1. Is Karrueche serious? Is she really going to play the victim when her bum self had no problem making fun of Blue Ivy on national TV and then tried to defend it by saying she was just reading the teleprompter? How does this weak bird have any fans?

    1. I know right I understand that Chris brown has had a rough past and all some people do on media is making it worst for the situations that he be in and nobodies perfect and everybody has fall moments and nobody really don’t understand Chris and all people now is talk behind each other back and you can’t trust nobody and so he’s confused

  2. Sorry, Chris and Karreuche overacted. I don’t mind them defending themselves, but Chris went too far and Karrueche’s attempt at playing the victim considering what just happened with BET and Blue Ivy is laughable.

  3. I believe Chris is back on drugs and Karrueche looked like she was on something too in that picture Wackstar posted to IG. #shrugs

  4. Karrueche annoys me. She is giving me passive aggressive teas and I’m not feeling it. How is she always a victim? No, seriously?

    1. She is passive aggressive. We told y’all a long time ago that she was coming at Rihanna first. But she tried to play innocent and a lot of people fell for it.

  5. I wish Kae would just shut the hell up. She was definitely crying on IG when VH1 called her a side chick and when the BeyHive dragged her for Blue Ivy. She can’t take criticism either.

  6. What I can’t understand for the life of me is why were they even discussing Chris and his no name girlfriend because in the main stream media she doesn’t have a name she is just known as Chris’s irrelevant girlfriend who has nothing going for herself. But yet when they briefly discussed Tyga and Kylie which is a way bigger story right now the discussion was Kylie and Kim breaking girl code for going behind Blac Chyna’s back with Tyga. So y’all “The Real” and going to ignore the elephant in the room and not even speak on this 17 year old child dating a 25 year old man. This entire situation on both sides rubs me the wrong way.

  7. “…I could care less about the opinion of others…”! Really, Kae? Yet here you are on IG playing victim role yet again! Chile, bye!

  8. If Karrueche didn’t care what people said about her, she’d be like Beyonce and wouldn’t be responding to any and every little thing people say about her. Also, Chris shows over and over again that he doesn’t respect women. It doesn’t take much for him to call women b*tches and hoes, yet there’s K in the background cheesing it up as he posts pictures of her a-s and then talks about his ex Rihanna in every interview. She needs to get a clue.

  9. All of this is so petty to me. Chris and Kae are acting like there isn’t a whole lot of receipts on how dysfunctional their relationship is. No one is making this stuff up. He has cheated on her and at one point he even confirmed he was dating her and Rihanna at the same time. Chris has even called her a hoe on Twitter several times, Rihanna too. So the real topic here is why does he think it’s ok to continuously disrespect women when they don’t act the way he feels they need to?

  10. I’m so over these two. 1. Tamar defended this piss ant 2. The asian chick (idk her name) was the one going in. I think they petty for coming at Tamar. Furthermore he talmbout ppl comin for ole girl FOH. Ppl stay coming for her & will continue to b/c she’s a f*cktard for dealing with him. I long for the day when they fade away. & to think I was an almost fan at one point of his “career.”

  11. It’s always something with this “couple” and its beyond annoying. This whole thing was childish and was taken way too far especially when the people he went in on really didn’t come for him or her. Im not a Tamar fan but i loved her clap back. He needs to be a man and apologize…but im sure he wont bc thats too much like being mature

  12. I never liked Karrueche and couldn’t understand why she had stans. She just seems like an opportunist and I doubt she would even tolerate Chris’ mess if he wasn’t rich and famous. But he’s too dumb to see that.

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