Tamar Braxton Explains Why Women in Their 30s Shouldn’t Be Side Chicks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star Tamar Braxton has always been known for being outspoken, so it’s no surprise she also doesn’t hold back on her talk show “The Real.”

The other day the topic of side chicks came up, and Tamar explained why she feels women in their 30s should no longer be side chicks.

She says:

“Y’all have been too ladies. Get your life! I’m just saying you gotta be real with yourself. When you’re young you believe whatever they be selling to you… Whether you know it or not, you’ve played the side chick before,” Tamar said. “Now I do have to say there is a difference between a side chick (and I hate this word) and a ho. When you’re 31-32, you’re supposed to know the real from the fake. That’s when you go to the “H” category because you know better and you know that’s somebody man!?”

Check out the video below:


  1. Sometimes a woman doesn’t even know she’s the side chick. I was in an entire “relationship” and later found out the guy had an entire relationship with someone else. I felt stupid but it happens. Always pay attention to the red flags.

  2. Lies you tell. I was never a side chick. However, she’s right, I can’t apprehend how a grown women can voluntarily deal with a man who has a lady.

  3. Men can lie and make you think you’re the only one they’re dating when that’s not the case. All we can do is learn by our experiences and not stick around when things don’t feel right.

  4. This won’t be a popular opinion but yes, every woman has been a side chick whether she knows it or not. Whenever you date a man and there’s another woman (or women) he’s dating at the same time, you’re all just side chicks he juggles around for the hell of it.

  5. Tuh it’s easier now to be a side chick now that there’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. People are hooking up now on the internet. You’ll end up dating one of those dudes that tells you he likes to keep his private life off the internet, and the truth is he only does it because he has three girlfriends at the same time. Lord forbid you ask him to claim you on FB. :-/

    1. Side chick may be too strong a word, but Tamar said Vince had a gf when she stared feeling him and she told him to dump her so they could be together.

    2. I know I read somewhere years ago I don’t know how true it is that Tamar was messing with Jermaine Dupri’s dad Michael Maudlin while he was married.

      1. YEP very true I have friends in the ATL and yes it’s true and I heard that she got beat up for being with him. So I guess she can give advice cause she has done it before.

  6. No matter what age no woman should willingly be a side chick. Sometimes you do get played unknowingly and you just have to learn and recognize the red flags.

  7. I don’t think women should be ok with being side chicks at any age. We should all want the best for ourselves.

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