Nikko Spills the Tea & Throws Mimi Faust Under the Bus

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you before  Nikko and Mimi Faust’s “raunchy home video” was released that whispers in Atlanta were suggesting Mimi and Nikko’s relationship was manufactured for the sake of Mimi needing a storyline on LHHATL. But now Nikko is spilling the tea himself and he confirms he was “recruited” to be Mimi’s love interest on the small screen.

Nikko tells Imperial Hip Hop:

“I think it was an opportunity for both of us … opportunities is a good thing, it ain’t a bad thing. And if you find them, you should take advantage.

“During the VMA awards one year, I ran into Mimi. Me and Mimi had an interaction 10, 12 years ago, we ran into each other again at the VMA Awards and that’s kinda how I got on the Love & Hip Hop show. When we seen each other, we reunited … and they recruited me for the show. They asked me would I be her love interest for the next season.

“Me and Mimi situation … the way we started out, of course we had something back then, but it was an opportunity for both of us. It was an opportunity for her to bring me on the second season of Love & Hip Hop to benefit her… storyline and it was an opportunity for me to jump on the second season to brand my name or whatever I was branding, music, etc.”


Nikko has reportedly went back to his wife.


  1. You can tell they weren’t really together in that struggle sex tape. They didn’t really have any chemistry.

    1. Naw, Mimi is just a boring lay. Joseline was dead on when she called her grandma. Chick was acting like she hasn’t had d-ck in years.

  2. Well a lot of what we see on these reality shows is manufactured but it’s sad that Mimi actually made a sex tape with a man she wasn’t even really dating at the time. This just makes her even more ratchet in my opinion.

  3. He should have said more and told people how Mimi’s whole “I keep choosing the wrong man act” is just that…an act. She happily plays the role of a naive single woman and it’s sad that she’s willing to do it for a check. She even said she picks the wrong men because of daddy issues but everything we’ve seen from her so far has been fake. She’s just as much of a liar as Stevie.

  4. …Their souls, their a-s, their cooch…. These fools are willing to lift and spread for Mona like she’s Hef and they’re about to get a feature.

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