Tamar Braxton Gets Tired of People Calling Her Ugly

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star and R&B singer Tamar Braxton is no stranger to clapping back at her critics when they come for her on social media, and similar to her foe K Michelle, Tamar oftentimes wears her heart on her sleeve.

The other day she got extremely fed up when multiple people on Instagram weren’t so kind when they commented on her looks.

After being labeled ugly, Tamar clapped back and read off her list of accomplishments (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

tamar braxton instagram


  1. Yay for her accomplishments, but maybe if she’d concentrated more on her talent, instead of remodeling her face, her career would’ve been much further along.

  2. She is successful. I won’t deny that. But with all that on her plate, why does she still find time to read all her mentions and the things people write about her on Instagram?

  3. I think Tamar’s attitude has a lot to do with how people view her looks. She already ain’t the cutest and she got a bad attitude that’s a bad combination. When you walk around like you the sh-t and very over the top be prepared for some backlash.

  4. Tamar is the classic example of when someone overdoes it with surgery. She was better looking before she got all the work done.

  5. Sold out a tour with her shows at the house of blues, and just cause you on reality TV and got a clothing line which most reality stars have it don’t change how your face looks, yea you still ugly. She should have left her face alone but she was trying so hard to look like someone else now she is really ugly.

      1. Who said I was mad I just made a comment just like everyone else. That’s what I don’t get, you must be mad when you make a comment, mad about what cause she’s ugly? I damn sure ain’t jealous or hating on her, cause I am all natural no weave, no plastic face, and I got my edges, and I am a sister with some money.

        1. its real clear that you have high self esteem but many dont.tamar has low self esteem. which is why she gets surgeries.my mom sais if you dont have any thing nice to say..dont say nothing. im not a fan of hers but calling her ugly is mean.beauty is in the eye of the beholder. instead of putting her down.how about going somewhere and acually bless someone in a more positive way.ive always wondered why people say mean things about people they dont know. but since you do it maybe you can help me understand the minf set

          1. I have 3 foster children that I adopted 2 years ago and every Thanksgiving we feed the homeless and every Xmas we give gifts to other foster children, and I donate to breast cancer because my sister has breast cancer, there is more but hopefully that is enough, I call it how I see it and her face is ugly because she changed what God gave her and her attitude is ugly.

  6. If you can dish it, you have to be able to take it. I have zero sympathy for her because she stays trying to drag other people. You get what you give. Even with all her success, the image she has created for herself makes her out to be a very ugly person. The plastic surgery was just like the cherry on top.

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