Keyshia Cole Cuts off Birdman

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole’s new reality show on BET is about her working diligently to improve her relationship with her family members amid a heartbreaking split from her estranged husband Daniel Gibson.

Daniel also claimed on Instagram that he is trying to fight for their marriage, but Keyshia has been reportedly dating Birdman for the last several months.

Well Birdman probably isn’t going to be happy to hear Keyshia has decided to become celibate.

She posted the following to Instagram:

keyshia cole instagramkeyshia cole instagram 2


  1. This is probably the smartest thing she’s done in a while. If you keep picking the wrong men, sometimes it’s best to just step back and enjoy being solo.

  2. Sh-t I’m bout to do the same thing. I just need a break from men. They are annoying and don’t know what they want most of the time.

  3. My bff did the same thing and met her husband while she was celibate. She said not having sex gave her clarity when it came to men. Now she’s happily married.

  4. I have yet to hear Birdman say she was his girlfriend. Don’t you think he would have claimed her? I think she was just a booty call. Where are the pictures of them out in public together?

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