Tamar Braxton Rushed to the Hospital?

Photo Credit: The Real
Photo Credit: The Real

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star and R&B singer Tamar Braxton is still enjoying the success of “The Real,” but sources claim Tamar had a medical scare on set Thursday.

Rumor Fix writes:

The talk show host was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, which is just a few blocks away from the Warner Brothers lot where her hit show is shot.

Our sources tell us when she arrived at the hospital by ambulance she was complaining of anxiety and shortness of breath.


Tamar didn’t confirm or deny the report, but she did write the following on Instagram:

Thank you for all for your thoughts and prayers!! I’m all good!!! I’m not nervous about anything and I’m NOT breaking down!! Have a great weekend STILL at #TheReal see u soon


In related news, sources are also claiming Tamar and her hubby Vince Herbert are allegedly having money problems.

Sandra Rose writes:

Singer and daytime talk show host Tamar Braxton turned 38 today (Mar. 17). But Tamar and her husband Vince Herbert aren’t in the mood for celebrating. That is because they are in danger of losing of losing their Calabasas, CA. mansion, according to a source.

The source also revealed they owe the IRS $1.6 million! “She will be out of her house in Calabasas by the end of the year,” said the source.

The source said the couple’s mansion is sitting empty because they can’t afford furniture. “How do you live in a mansion and you can’t afford to put furniture in it?” said the source. The cost to furnish a typical mansion in the Calabasas area exceeds $300,000 — cash that Braxton and Herbert apparently don’t have.

In addition to leasing the mansion, the source said Tamar and Vince’s cars are also leased — the ones that aren’t already repossessed for breaking the lease agreement.

The source also tells Sandra Rose Tamar allegedly owes some producers for studio time, and lost her hair stylist because she owes him money as well. We can’t confirm any of this, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now.


  1. I think she really did go to the hospital. I hope she’s ok even though she does get on my nerves lol. Anyway, I do remember Vince had tax problems and they didn’t pay that man for his suit, so it’s not hard to believe they might be having money problems.

  2. I hope whatever happened was nothing serious. Do I believe they are having money problems? Yes. Tamar seems like an irrational spender.

  3. Tamar is going to have to realize she’s not Beyonce and Vince isn’t Jay Z. There’s no need to be so flashy all the time.

  4. She has The Real and her album did well. If they are having money issues, it’s because they aren’t living within their means. I hope they work that out and get back on track if this is true.

    1. None of them TMZ put the tax document on TV and in the music industry everyone knows that Tamar does not pay for studio time and their is a producer who is suing her. I think it was Bossip I am not sure who put it on social media who is the real owner of the house they live in, they said the reason they are leasing is because they owe back tax’s. Vince is no longer GAGA’S manager so thy don’t bring in the money they use too.

  5. I hope she’s good. As far as the money goes, I can see them having some problems. Tamar is a big spender and Vince seems to give into whatever she wants.

  6. I believe what Sandra Rose is saying. It’s not like their money issues haven’t been well documented. Tamar needs to stop being so careless with money. Like how many cars do they need anyway? Rich people go broke all the time. Everyone has to have some financial literacy.

  7. Was Tamar really sick or is she putting out rumors to hush up her money problems? I just find the timing of her going to the hospital a bit shady.

  8. They can’t possibly be broke. If anything it sounds like money mismanagement and Tamar is holding down the fort to take care of the family beyond exhaustion. Vince not managing Lady Gaga or Mindless Behavior no more

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