Tamar Braxton Responds to Money Problems Rumor

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day blogger Sandra Rose claimed sources told her Tamar Braxton and her hubby Vince Herbert are having some serious money problems, and she also claimed the couple could also end up losing their home due to an influx of bad debt.

Well, it looks like Tamar isn’t too happy about the gossip. She took to her Twitter account hours ago and denied the reports in a now deleted tweet:

So.. YALL blogs and validated radio stations etc getting your news from a BATHROOM blogger @SandraRose ?? If my husband owed 1.6, hell 4.6 million dollars I could pay that! Be very careful because you ARE sending me to the hospital with anxiety issues!! Maybe I Should talk to my Lawyer about the rumors you are spreading and how sick it’s making me… You did say that’s why I went correct.


  1. Seethe haters. How could Tamar and Vince be struggling when the queen has so many jobs? People will make up a anything when it comes to Tamar.

    1. It happens all the time. No matter how much money a person makes, if they spend it faster than they earn it, they can go broke.

    2. I bet her Toni was saying the same thing the first it happened to her too! Then there was MC Hammet, Dionne Warwick, Trump, Larry King, Warren Sapp…shall I go on?

    3. Well TMZ put this out first and they showed the IRS documents on national TV and we all know the IRS don’t lie. Tell Tamar to pay her tax’s cause in jail you can not wear wigs

  2. I mean what was she supposed to say? Yes, we’re broke as hell and living check to check because Vince lost Gaga? No one would admit they are having money problems.

    1. This. I didn’t expect her to admit to this. But she’s talking like Vince isn’t bringing home the bacon anymore.

  3. Did anyone catch her saying if Vince owed millions in taxes SHE could pay that? What happened to all of Vince’s money? So Tamar is the breadwinner now?

  4. Time will tell. People can deny up until they have no choice but to file for bankruptcy. So we’ll see.

  5. She is lying don’t forget Towanda did say awhile ago that Vince was having money issues so it probably is some truth to the rumors. But Tamar will never admit it though.

  6. I know she works a lot, but I find it hard to believe she’s telling the truth. I remember the IRS went after him like last year. Then there was the issue with Vince not paying a suit maker…all of it can’t be lies.

  7. And that hair stylist that she neglected to pay dragged her for filth on social media. So money problems aren’t that much of a stretch for her and Vince.

    1. People should stay Out of other peoples bussiness,and fix whats broken in their own bussiness! Like it says…those who never had close calls with the IRS,or never had money problems or ,other shady things they got involved in cast the first stone! Or better yet..stay out of other peoples pockets,cause No one invited you into their personal bussiness!!!!!

      1. As long as they have social media and your business is on it we can say what ever the hell we want about someone business cause once it becomes pubic it’s no longer their business.

  8. What I took away from this tweet is she’s the money maker now and Vince is not. Hopefully he can get back on his feet soon. I never wish money problems on married couples because that can ruin a marriage faster than anything else.

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