To Bossip & Bossip’s Writers, Enough is Enough

Photo Credit: Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Urban Belle

FYI, I just want to highlight the ongoing struggle Urban Belle has had with About a year ago, one of our readers brought to our attention that Bossip takes our content and doesn’t credit us. I went to the site, and lo and behold, they were right. I can’t understand why a bigger website would steal content from a smaller site and not source us. Does it hurt you Bossip?

UB always gives credit when we use content we see on other sites and Instagram accounts. It’s the right thing to do. Bossip does not. Bossip is funded by a huge company called Moguldom Media Group LLC and even though we emailed Bossip and politely asked them to stop, they shooed us away because we are a smaller site and they think people don’t see what they are doing. But they see you Bossip.

For proof, we’ve attached some screenshots of Bossip’s classless ways. Our titles are on the top, and theirs are on the bottom. Pay close attention to the dates/time stamps and you’ll see what Bossip has been doing to us and other bloggers like for a long time.

bossip steals 1

bossip steals 2

Bossip for the last time, stop stealing our content and give credit not just to us, but every smaller blog you steal from. From now on, we will call you out and we hope others will do the same.

-UB Staff (Amanda)


  1. They barely even change the titles around. What in the world? Sorry you’re having to go through this Amanda. These companies buy out these urban blogs and they get lazy writers to stalk black owned sites and take content. And they pay them peanuts so these “writers” don’t feel bad about stealing your stuff. I know you’re frustrated but keep working hard. I prefer your site anyway.

  2. It’s about time y’all addressed this. And I stopped reading Bossip a long time ago. Too many racist trolls for me and I think they want it that way. I bet the company who owns Bossip is white owned.

    1. I never could get into Bossip. The race baiting is disgusting on that site. I refuse to believe they are owned by black people.

    2. You are completely right. That’s one of the main reasons I came over to UB completely. I noticed UB would get the stories long before Bossip and there are sooooo many trolls in the comment sections. The people on this blog are much more sensible even when we don’t agree with each other.

  3. I don’t understand why they won’t just give y’all a link back. It’s not like you’re going to steal all their readers away. What a shame.

  4. So sorry this is happening Amanda. They’re a lot of other “urban sites” where this constantly happens too! It’s shameful! But if huge online sites like The Daily Mail can do it, these others feel like they can as well.

  5. Damn I’m sorry UB. But f-ck Bossip. They ain’t been sh-t since 2006. They write racist click bait posts and most of the commentators there are racist as f-ck. They only steal from you because you’re better than them. Their content selection didn’t get better until they started trying to imitate your style. The fact that Bossip has been around for like a decade and they steal from a younger site like UB just tells me UB is better.

  6. Bossip isn’t black owned anymore, correct? They have been going downhill since they were bought out. I hope you learn from this Amanda and never sell your site like they did. It always hurts the quality of the blog.

  7. It’s a cutthroat business. But calling them out is the right thing to do. You can’t let people disrespect you and stay silent. I think they have been doing it so long because y’all wouldn’t address it. Now that you did, more people will see Bossip is really foul.

  8. Madame Noire steals from y’all too. But they are owned by the same company so I think they share writers. One time Madame Noire even copied and pasted the comments on here to the story they stole. Lmao. Pressedt.

  9. Bossip is a big site and they have a lot of dirty money behind them. They think they are invincible. You’re the underdog now, but one day you won’t be. When that happens, remember how Bossip did you and be better than that.

  10. You’re doing a great job Amanda/UB, so some of your peers are getting nervous you could overtake them. Stay focused and become even bigger than Bossip. And the difference is you’ll actually be respected. Nobody respects Bossip. They are just as trashy and nasty as Media Take Out.

    1. So true. So many people and celebrities can’t stand Bossip. They think the site is nothing but a disgrace to black people. And I agree considering how they are doing smaller black blogs. You can tell Amanda works very hard, so why steal money out of her pocket? Bossip will get theirs one day.

  11. I don’t want to type too much because Bossip isn’t worth a damn, but to sum it up quickly, they fear you. And they aren’t the only site I see copying y’all. If you don’t have these bastards scared, you ain’t doing it right. Take this as a compliment.

    1. Nope. Bossip may be bigger but they will always be lower quality. I don’t give them any page views.

    1. Hershey my pregnant a-s wishes I could kick Bossip’s a-s right now too. Bossip has a whole staff of thieves, and you can see UB does all the work just for them to steal. It’s really not right. But I realized this blog was different when they actually banned me from a post for dragging a wasp. They care about how we talk to each other on here. That’s rare and I knew this was about to become my favorite blog. UB may be smaller, but they do things so much better than Bossip and a lot of the other sites.

  12. I don’t usually comment and prefer to lurk, but I just wanted to let you know I’ve been supporting your site for the last two years because you’re more transparent than most. You’re not hiding behind the computer and you had the balls to post your picture Amanda and tell us who you are. I like that UB is ran by a BLACK, married couple and you don’t let racist trolls come on here and insult our people. You respect us and we respect you. Do not let Bossip or any other trashy site make you feel inferior. You’re not inferior. Between the two sites, yours is miles ahead. One day the numbers will reflect that. That is why they copy. Stay positive. We have your back. And karma is very real.

  13. I had stopped going on Bossip a couple of years ago because they’re content is tacky, tasteless, classless and just “hoodrat” and “ghetto” to put it bluntly. There is a way to put out Black Entertainment News without succumbing to the stereotypes. Anyway, I recently started reading their site again out of shear boredom. Glad I came across this. I’m again no longer going to be going on their site anymore. For what, when I can just get it here first? 🙂

  14. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. I’ll continue to boycott Bossip and come to Urban Belle instead, I don’t go to MTO either. I can’t support blogs with hidden agendas who exist to solely hurt our race.

  15. Aren’t you still in ATL Amanda? Bossip has an office in Atlanta. You should stop by and handle that. I mean don’t get arrested but definitely let them know this isn’t cool.

  16. UB is hands down better than Bossip. They can steal your content all day long and change the layout, but they will never come close. And it doesn’t matter that they were blogging first. Being first means nothing.

  17. This is how major blogs get down. It sucks that it happens to you UB. I know exactly what you are going through.

  18. I USED to visit that website (I refuse to even type the name) and couldn’t deal with the race baiting and trolls. And it led me to Urban Belle and have been here since.

  19. Bossip was never a site I liked. They go in on black celebrity women like Rihanna and Beyonce all the time but they worship Kim Kardashian. Oh and they even go at Blue and put North on some damn throne. They stay pitting those babies against each other. I can’t stand them.

  20. Bossip has no morals. Any blog who race baits all day everyday isn’t above stealing from another blog.

  21. Y’all need to do like Gabrielle Union and sue those trifling mofos. She sued them for slander over that home wrecker stuff and won. Get yourself a lawyer. If they are stealing your work and making money off of it and other sites are giving them the credit, you may have a case.

  22. And this is why i dont support that site and a few others. Keep grinding UB. You have a loyal following.

  23. Call a lawyer and see what can be done. Bossip is basically just rewriting all your stuff and not even sourcing you. It’s unethical and may even be grounds for a lawsuit.

  24. Inspiring blogs who were in existence before you? That means you’re dope.

    *In Beyonce voice* Fresher than youuuuuuu

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