Christina Milian Defends Dropping in on Karrueche’s Interview with Iyanla

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran’s interview with Iyanla was met with mixed reactions, as some took to social media to accuse Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend of just using the sit down as a means to get some free publicity.

Although Karrueche got emotional several times and even opened up about the controversial pieces of the relationship, Christina Milian’s pop up during the interview didn’t sit well with some people.

Even Iyanla herself questioned if Christina is capable of giving solid relationship advice and Christina even claimed she doesn’t like to tell her close gal pal what to do when it comes to Chris leaving many to question why she even showed up.

Regardless, Christina defended her appearance and her decision to not give away much to Iyanla (read tweets from top to bottom):

christina twitter
christina twitter 2
christina twitter 3
christina twitter 4
christina twitter 5
christina twitter 6


  1. So transparent! That girl is just using Karrueche for attention. Just like she joined Lil Wayne’s harem for attention. Karrueche is dumb though because she kicked all her friends from before to the curb for all these vultures.

  2. Girl stop with the BS excuses call a spade a spade she can’t give Kae any relationship advice because she is being a fool behind Wayne so she can use him much like Kae. Kae might be an opportunist but Christina is a veteran opportunist that’s her profession.

  3. Christina and Kae are both attention whores. The interview was just another way for them to get some shine. Nothing more.

  4. Christina will f-ck and befriend anyone who can keep her semi relevant. As soon as Karrueche goes back to being a non factor, she’ll end this fake a-s friendship. She’s a fraud.

  5. Iyanla should have done her homework on this broad before asking if she ever tried to check Karate. Her track record is indicative of a person who should run far away from trying to give ANYBODY relationship advice. She never said anything because she’s in the same boat with the same ol’ paddle.

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