Tamar Braxton Goes There with Ciara?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton made headlines recently when she broke down in tears on “The Real” when the subject of bullying came up and she revealed she’s hurt K Michelle has popularized comparing her looks to a Muppet.

While some were moved by the revelation, many took to social media and accused her of being a hypocrite…including K Michelle.

Tamar defended her breakdown, but now people are feeling some kind of way because she liked a shady meme of Ciara’s “Black Girls Rock” performance (screenshots via Ooo La La Blog and MurdaSheWrote86):

tamar ciara instagram

tamar ciara instagram 2

To sum it up, Tamar liked the shady Ciara meme (first screenshot, bottom left), but Ciara’s stans claim she then wrote the comment in defense of Ci Ci after she got called out (second screenshot). Regardless, Tamar then clapped back saying she deserves an apology from bloggers and Ciara’s fans because she actually defended her (first screenshot, bottom right). Now we can’t confirm the timing of the comment she wrote on the picture, but you be the judge and tell us your thoughts below.


  1. Of course she was being shady and changed it up quick when her mentions got crazy. Tamar shades people all the time. That’s why no one bought those tears last week.

  2. I believe Ciara’s fans. I think she just liked the picture, but ran to make that comment to play it off. She needs to grow up.

  3. Tamar just being Tamar. Anyway her fans are just like her. They are whining on her Facebook page now accusing bloggers of always picking on Tamar like she doesn’t bring all of this on herself. Bigger singers than her don’t have time to like dumb memes on Instagram. Why does she have the time? Lol.

  4. So you are a fan of Ciara but you liked this meme? That doesn’t make any sense. I think she just got caught in the act and tried to play dumb. But maybe she isn’t playing.

  5. And this is a person who wants to be a victim but picks fights and shades other people all the time. She shaded Kmichelle first and K finished it now she wants to be the victim and now she going after somebody else. That’s why those crocodile tears she was crying on The Real did nothing for me because she is the real bully.

  6. She’s so annoying. And it’s unfortunate because she can actually sing and her music is good. I just can’t get past her personality.

  7. UB she wrote that comment a few minutes after Baller Alert, etc. starting posting the screenshot. And she can try to throw shade at Ciara all she wants, but even in Ciara’s decline, she’s more relevant than Tamar will ever be.

  8. She never owns her messiness. I think that’s why most people don’t care for her. She should have stood by her shade and just took the draggings like a G.

  9. A little off topic but I don’t understand why people go in so hard on Ciara. Yes, she can’t sing. But at least she can dance. If Madonna’s overrated a-s can be considered a legend, why can’t Ciara do her thing in peace? Let her cook.

    1. Because at least Madonna can sing and had memorable hits. All of us know at least 5 Madonna songs, even though those were mainly back in the 80s and 90s. Most however, can only name 1 Ciara song, and we sure as hell won’t remember that in 20 years. That’s one major reason why Madonna is a legend.

      1. Madonna can sing? I just got a good laugh from that. Janet was always better and more of a legend than Madonna will ever be. Anyway we will have to agree to disagree sis.

  10. That’s why I had zero f’s to give when she was boo hooing last week. A whole week aint pass and here she is shading somebody again.smh She will never learn.

  11. I’m not sure why some of y’all are acting brand new. Any other day y’all would be shading Ciara and talking about how terrible her voice is. But because this is Tamar, now all of a sudden Ciara doesn’t deserve to be laughed at. Ciara still can’t sing. And when she tries to strain, it’s hilarious and unbearable at the same time.

    1. Shut up the muppet is just being the muppet now with this now she is going to get a real social media drag. Also the her spot on the REAL in now being reviewed after she cried on there that she was being bullied now they see her a-s for who she really is a hater. The muppet hates herself and her big a-s mouth is going to be the reason she will be blackballed from the industry. A lot of people in the industry love Ciara and now nobody is going to ever work with the muppet. What she just did was stupid on her part, and she can’t cry about this.

    1. 1. You’re on this blog with us though.
      2. You’re telling us to live our own lives as you live vicariously through Tamar’s and her bank account.
      3. Tamar is the ultimate hater and she was just caught hating on Ciara (Tamar also has a long track record of hating on other women as well).

      Try again.

    2. The muppet won’t be making money for long if she keeps hating on everyone in the industry and she needs to make all the money she can cause the IRS will be coming for her and husband if they don’t get their money and can you see the muppet in jail without her wig.

  12. Tea girl you said nothing but the truth!!!! Tamar and her crybaby a-s fans are trying to blame all the blogs for reporting all the dumb sh-t she does. But she is a crybaby too so it makes sense. You can’t blame bloggers for Tamar’s actions. If you’re being messy, they will report on it. She could easily learn how to keep it cute and professional but she’d rather be childish as hell. I mean there’s a reason why A list people aren’t on Instagram shading their peers. Tamar brings bad press on herself. She’s so damn stupid.

  13. Isn’t she the same girl who was just crying on the air. Because K MICHELLE said she look like a muppet. Get her KMichelle. And by the way your husband will tell u anything bc you do look like a muppet. Stop trying so HARD. I use to realllllly like you and your music, but that 2nd or 3rd season of the Braxtons. I stop bc you so FAKE and want take over. Stop spending so much money like you got it bc we know you don’t. I didn’t see any furniture for two seasons on your show. Now Get ya a life and some furniture.

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