Keyshia Cole Gets Some Good News

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole was arrested several months ago for assaulting a woman she caught at Birdman’s condo, and she learned there was already a warrant out for her arrest for a DUI a couple of years ago on the same day.

The R&B singer told her fans on Twitter recently that she expected to have to do some jail time but now it appears she won’t.

BET writes:

Keyshia Cole won’t be serving jail time for a 2002 DUI case after a judge threw out the bench warrant Monday (April 6). Shawn Holley, Cole’s attorney, successfully argued that the star completed a court-ordered alcohol education program, TMZ reports.

Holley said in court today that the 33-year-old’s previous lawyer failed to forward proof of completion to the court. However, the former attorney had to have given documents to the DMV since Cole has been issued two driver’s licenses since the bust, Holley pointed out.

Despite the paperwork mix-up, Cole was subsequently placed on probation and faced 30 days behind bars.


  1. I didn’t expect Keyshia to fall off as hard as she did. K Michelle came in and took all the little shine she had left.

    1. Yeah K did kind of come in and put that last nail in Keyshia’s coffin but I still like Keyshia’s older music better than K’s stuff.

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