Looks Like Ciara & Russell Wilson Are Official

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day fans of R&B singer Ciara and NFL star Russell Wilson were talking because the pair was spotted together recently at a Rangers vs. Mariners game, but there hasn’t been a peep from either on their status.

While neither is talking just yet, it does appear that the pair are indeed dating and they plan to come out as a couple to the public very soon.

Apparently Russell has signed Ciara up to be his date at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

And if that’s not enough, we also peeped that Russell now follows Ciara’s musical adviser LA Reid too. So by the looks of things, this romance started a while ago and both have been hanging out quite a bit out even though we’re just now seeing them together.


  1. I like this match. Russell has good head on his shoulders and Ciara seems like she’s a very sweet person. Good for them.

  2. Yes!I’m excited about this relationship I hope they work out Ciara has taking so many L’s she needs something good going on. She needs to take her time get to know him and keep hiding the relationship and they might have a chance. Oh man if Seahawks start losing watch them start blaming Ciara lol.

    1. Everyone deserves happiness after a failed relationship. You’re essentially saying Ciara doesn’t deserve a chance to do better, and that’s pretty ridiculous to say.

  3. UB I don’t think it’s fair you guys banned Ms. Jackson when that Twenty3 person came on here calling people tricks over Nene. Just saying. Please reconsider. I feel bad because she was just trying to look out for me…

        1. She went all the way in but that that person deserved it. I don’t get people who run on here ready to cuss people out because of who they like. So childish.

        2. LMBO. Ms. Jackson gave that girl some damn ether. I will miss her. I’ve laughed at a lot of her comments.

          1. Not really. Most of us know how to disagree and keep it civil and even joke a little from what I’ve seen. That Twenty3 person was way out of line and took it to the left for no reason. I guess she was new or something. She was just mad as hell about Nene having fans for some reason. *giggles*

    1. I’ve been here a long time, and sometimes they will just ban you from a post, and not the whole site. In that case, she can’t comment on that post anymore. And I’ve been banned for a few days at a time where I can view but not leave comments, but it wasn’t permanent. She may not be gone forever. She probably just can’t comment for a little while. It’s like a forced vacation from leaving comments. I think racists are the only ones who get permanent bans.

    2. Amanda, can you explain? I’m not trying to be messy, I just want to understand what happened to Ms. Jackson.

      1. Peachy,

        Ms. Jackson was temporarily banned for making several personal insults. She will be back.


    3. Twenty3 was the aggressor. She went after Lauren twice and called her a trick. She should be the only person banned.

  4. They have the potential to become a power couple. It’s early though so I won’t get ahead of myself.

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