Ariana Grande’s Camp Claps Back at Big Sean

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Big Sean and Ariana Grande are no longer dating, and as always when celebs call it quits, both sides waste no time running to the media to point fingers.

Big Sean’s camp claimed he ended things with Ariana because she was a bit selfish and he didn’t like her recent performance with Justin Bieber, and now her camp is clapping back.

TMZ writes:

Sources connected with Ariana tell us … the last straw was when Sean dropped his track, “Stay Down,” in which he raps:

I ain’t even gonna lie, I got a million dollar chick
With a billion dollar p****y
Every time I c*m, I swear to God I feel like I be rich

We’re told Ariana felt humiliated because Sean was treating her like a piece of meat. Ariana’s grandmother came to her and asked about the lyrics, which was especially embarrassing.

But there was plenty of tension leading up to the song. Sean claims she made him pay for all sorts of extravagances. But our Ariana sources say SHE is the one who foot most of the bills, including vacations and private flights.


  1. I knew that press release they put out at first was bullsh-t! Big Sean uses his women as a come up, and Ariane wanted the street cred. I don’t doubt she was footing the bill to shuttle his a-s around, nor do I think he was anything but disrespectful in that song….isn’t he always that way to his women? But she’s not innocent either. She’s a mean little diva who dresses like a teen hooker, yet expected that a rapper was a bad boy reputation was gonna change for her. Yeah right….idiot!

  2. Sorry I don’t believe this especially the part about the lyrics because Ariana was just bragging on instagram about Big Sean giving her the D. This is nothing but damage control.

  3. Womp, womp. Both of them are being childish. But I do have to say Sean met his match this time. He thought she was going to do like Naya and take the bashing in the press but nope, she’s a bigger star than him and she will not allow him to mess up her image. He needs to stop while he’s ahead. She ain’t Naya.

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