More Details Released on Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Relationship + Future Gets Petty

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last evening, Ciara and Russell Wilson went public with their relationship, and now the media outlets are getting additional details on the couple.

E! News writes:

“It’s still at the beginning stages and it’s very fresh,” says one source. “She thinks he is a complete gentleman and has really enjoyed hanging out with him these past few weeks. It’s constant laughter and fun with them.”

…”Things are a bit busy for both of them now, but they are willing to make time and see where this may go,” our source added.


Ciara’s fans have been in Future’s mentions about Ciara’s new relationship since the pair’s White House State Dinner appearance, but he tweeted the following to let them know he’s unbothered:

future twitter


  1. But if he didn’t care why would he tweet about it then he is clearly bothered. He is so stupid he just showed the world he really does care try again loser. Where is baby mama number 4 or 5 come get your so called prize lol.

  2. He doesn’t care but he was just throwing shade on Instagram about a month ago? Yes, he cares. The good thing is Ciara doesn’t and that’s what he’s mad about.

  3. They saying he got yet another woman pregnant so this makes the situation even more funny to me. He’s trying to break the baby daddy world record.

  4. He’s feeling some kind of way. He used to women hanging around for years, waiting on him and one actually didn’t and is doing much better without him. It hurts his ego.

  5. People keep talking about how this is the most relevant Ciara has been but this is honestly the most relevant Future has ever been. He was a poor man’s T-Pain for a year and then people moved on the Migos. LOL.

  6. Maybe he really doesn’t care I mean he has like 4 other baby mamas in the rotation. And word is he has a new one on the way because he just knocked up someone else. This man loves to sleep around and impregnate women. As long as he has someone knocked up, he feels good about himself.

  7. Ciara has only been with Russell for like a month and he’s already taken her to the White House. Meanwhile all Future did for her is have her out here looking like a hoodrat. Her son is the best thing she got out of that embarrassing “relationship.” I can see why Future is mad. The best he can do for chicks is knock them up, but Russell can take them to the White House and keep them in the media all day. I’d be salty too.

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