Amber Rose Slammed for Speaking to College Students

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose has been in the spotlight ever since her high-profile romance with Kanye West, and even though her marriage to Wiz Khalifa is now over, she’s using her platform to advocate her feminism beliefs and get over he ex.

Most importantly, Amber’s new book “How to Be a Bad B*tch” is meant to inspire women to overcome life’s obstacles and live on their own terms, so she was invited to West LA College to give a motivational speech to students.

Despite her good intentions, some people took to Instagram to slam Amber because they feel she’s not the right person to make inspirational speeches.

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A lot of comments were negative, but Amber had some defenders too:

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  1. Meanwhile they don’t have the same outrage for Kim and her entire smutty family. So they can miss me with their selective outrage.

  2. I follow Amber. Most of those people are Kim stans. They slut shame Amber but call Kim classy. They only feel that way because Amber has some black in her. Kim gets a pass because she’s white.

  3. I don’t care what Amber does. Kim built an entire empire off of a sex tape and she’s on the cover of Vogue and being pranced around the world by Kanye like a trophy. And she was just honored the other day in New York. Where’s the outrage about that? Let Amber cook.

  4. i see it’s a lot of black men calling her a hoe but in the next breath they defend kim

  5. I guess Amber ain’t white enough to play the same game Kim and the klan do. People make me sick. Get your coins Amber.

  6. This topic has nothing to do with Kim. This is all about a stripper, with no talent, no credentials, no relevance, no initials before or after her name, going to educational institution and giving a motivational speech. Its inappropriate, has nothing to do with education, and was a bad judgement call on behalf of the school. Its just that simple, but you all continue to defend her, the “author” of how to be a bad b*tch. Sad

    1. What credentials does Kim or anyone else in her family have? You’re missing the entire point because you remain pressed about Amber on every single article about her on this site. You’re mad she used to strip but I don’t see you on any Kim posts mad about her making money and she’s a former porn star. Sit all the way down with you fake outrage. It’s selective as hell.

    2. Man shut up with that nonsense. Do you even know what a motivational speaker is? They are people who have been through hell and back and didn’t give up when life got hard for them. Amber had a very rough life. She was an underaged stripper who had a lot of family problems growing up. But she took the fame she got from being with Kanye and got a modeling contract. She’s walked in numerous shows for NY Fashion Week and even did a campaign for Louis Vuitton. She started a clothing business ( I just bought more shades from her site like three days ago as well) that is doing well, and she has new book coming out. People pay good money to fly Amber around the world and make appearances. She’s also a legitimate actress and has done TV and movies. Check her credits. What are YOU doing? She’s speaking at colleges and not depending on Wiz to provide for her and their son. I’d love to hear her speak. Like it or not, Amber is a smart business woman who has managed to take the little shine Kanye gave her and turn it into coins. She’s just getting started too. Stay mad girl.

    3. You’re only proving our point when you dismiss Kim in all of this. Until there is the same kind of outrage about Kim and her hustle, y’all have not a word to say about Amber. LOL at a former stripper being worse than an actual porn star. White privilege is a trip.

    4. Talent – she acts and models
      Credentials – Modeling contract and NY Fashion Week bookings, movies and a TV show
      Relevance – She stays in the major media outlets such as TMZ (the biggest entertainment site on the web)
      Education – She has no college degree, but some of the most successful people in the world don’t either

      Your points are weak, laughable, easy to disprove and full of jealousy. Stop letting former strippers make you salty.

      1. Now you know a lot of women hate strippers. In their brain a stripper is the kind of woman who will take their man. They fear the day their man goes to the strip club with his boys. They just know he will be taken. LOL.

    5. So we’re supposed to be like you and root for Amber to fail because she used to be a stripper? Eh, I think I’ll pass. Not everyone gets off on judging other women’s pasts. But if it makes you feel better about yourself, continue.

  7. This doesn’t bother me because she’s only using the same formula that worked for Kim and her family. People need to stop acting like they are so upset about what Amber’s doing when we sat back and let Kim make an empire from a sex tape. If we’re going to be about promoting hard work and talent, then why is Kim bigger than ever now?

  8. Amber is just getting her money up. It ain’t like she was talking to young, impressionable kids. Her audience was grown a-s men and women. FOH.

  9. Hypocrites!!! She has a story to tell,and if someone can learn from it,why not? Everybody has a past,good or bad,its all yours,you can’t erase it. However if she can turn all that around and inspire someone to do the same while still figuring it out,I don’t get why people are mad. Maya Angelou was a pimp,yet she’s been immortalized as one of the greatest humans that ever lived.

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