Cynthia Bailey Shows the Receipts

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cynthia Bailey’s fallout with former bestie NeNe Leakes came as a shocker to many (including NeNe) last season, but now the former model is at odds with Phaedra Parks too.

The beef started when Cynthia brought up the Mr. Chocolate rumors to the other housewives, and even though she claims she wasn’t trying to be messy, Phaedra isn’t buying it.

As a result, Phaedra has been throwing jabs, and Cynthia has been returning the favor at the reunion.

Now Cynthia is subtly clapping back at Phaedra’s digs at the Bailey Agency. As you may recall, Phaedra said at the reunion that Cynthia’s modeling agency isn’t exactly churning out real models.

Cynthia posted the following receipts:

SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT (@thebaileyagency): I am super proud of my very first model search winner @nisaapouncey in this new @urbandecaycosmetics ad. We are so proud of you Nisaa! You look amazing! Everyone please follow and support @nisaapouncey on her journey. • Who will be my 2015 Cynthia Bailey Model Search Winner? Register today! You do not have to live in Atlanta to participate. I’m looking for Kids Ages 8-12 & Teens/Adults 13 & up. Males and females are encouraged to register. Registration is quick and easy. Visit and follow @TheBaileyAgency for more amazing opportunities. 😘 @thebaileyagency @requestmodels #CynthiaBaileyModelSearch #CBMS2015 #DreamsComeTrue #NisaaPouncey #UrbanDecay

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    1. Boom!! People have been calling Cynthia out. She better stop it before people start reminding her of her tea.

  1. But why did it take Phaedra calling her out for her to start highlighting models success she is pathetic. And while people keep saying Cynthia read Phaedra with that “win a case” line yea it was a good line but when she kept saying it, it lost its luster. But notice Cynthia was quiet as a mouse when Phaedra said Peter had 24 open cases she didn’t say a damn thing since she want to be the comeback queen. Phaedra should have told her I should sue whoever put that wig on your head I bet I would win that case.

    1. Phaedra has won many cases. She’s along with many criminal lawyers…you win some and you lose some. That is the nature of the criminal justice system. But pins dropped win she said there are 24 cases in Fulton County against your husband…not a word from Cynthia.

  2. I’m supposed to believe Cynthia was responsible for these girls’ success when she can’t even do much for her own modeling career and had to be taught by younger models how to walk the runway? No ma’am.

  3. Also, I’m still waiting for her to show receipts that prove Nene was lying about her still ki-ki’ing it up with her and then being brand new at the reunion. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath though.

  4. ANTM had some of their models featured in promotions too over the years, but it’s pretty unanimous that as a whole they sucked at creating careers in the industry. It actually worked against models to be associated with the show, and I see the same for Cynthia. Her behavior on the show, and cluelessness with her money doesn’t say trustworthy to me. Cynthia thinks she’s doing big things, but if the only work she’s finding is in the plus size market, and she’s been only able to put 3 of her clients to work on semi- big promotions, she’s still failing.

  5. I’m going to need Cynthia to stop with these weak a** receipts! Especially the Encye shoot! I was there…trust me it’s not that serious. Sit Cynthia

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