Jennifer Williams & Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard Making a Return to Reality Television?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams told fans after she was fired from the show she had plans to make a return to reality television eventually, and now it appears she could be starring in an upcoming show produced by Carlos King.

Rumor has it “Flavor of Love” star Tiffany “New York” Pollard could join her too.

The Jasmine Brand writes: has some exclusive casting tea on one of TV One’s latest reality shows, The Next 15. The show, initially announced during the network’s Upfronts, will premiere this fall. Peep the network’s official description:

The Next 15 – The Next 15 brings to life Andy Warhol’s infamous quip that, “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” This new reality series unites a group of male and female former reality stars that crave another 15 minutes of fame. Through the series, the personalities confront the issues that continue to present personal challenges and block their chances for success to capture another 15 minutes of fame. Produced by Carlos King (Hollywood Divas, Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Eclipse TV, the series is slated to premiere in 4th quarter 2015.


As we have already mentioned, the cast hasn’t been officially announced, but rumor has it Jennifer Williams, Tiffany “New York” Pollard , Natalie Nunn, Gloria and Laura Govan are in talks to star.



  1. Nah I will pass doesn’t sound interesting and anything involving Carlos King makes me skeptical he runs shows in the ground.

    1. Agreed. I won’t support anything else he produces if I can help it. He ruined RHOA.

  2. Now I like Jenn but I’m really more excited to see New York on my TV again. She was so entertaining and so many have tried to emulate her since then. It’s only one New York though.

    1. She was on Botched to get her nose done and her bre@st redone and she was hilarious. I missed New York.

  3. Carlos has another show? Yeah I believe the tea. He had to have been let go from RHOA if he has time to do all these new shows now.

  4. Y’all are so wish washy. Now y’all don’t like Carlos because he stopped kissing Nene’s a$$. Y’all didn’t mind him before though. *giggles*

    1. Uh….where you been? There was no “before”! Carlos never liked Nene….there was no kissing of a-s! He was bought in to shakeup the show and hired Claudia to take Nene down. That as we all know was an epic fail, and so his evil a-s is gone!

      1. Now sugar lump, Carlos has been behind the scenes for RHOA since 2008. He came on as an associate producer and worked his way up to executive producer. He even said in an interview that when he first started, his worst experience was Nene cursing him out while he was new. Now I ain’t a mind reader, but I think he hasn’t liked her since then and waited to move up before he could get back at her. And I can’t even blame him for that. But Carlos been around. He met Mona after he was associate producer for RHOA.

        1. And btw, he was the executive producer of I Dream of Nene too. Carlos and Nene used to be cool. They fell out around season six I think. And Nene has been getting bad editing ever since. *giggles*

    2. Umm nope I never liked him he slowly started incorporating LHHATL antics into RHOA. The last straw was obvious him bringing Claudia on the show for the sole purpose of feuding with Nene and Nene knew it that’s why she kept saying the thirst is real duh! That was a LHH move Claudia had no storyline so having her feud with Nene was her foot in the door. A producer is suppose to be unbiased but his alliance with Claudia is why he was shown the door. I bet you would be singing a different tune if someone was hired to antagonize Kenya.

      1. You right, I wouldn’t like him if he was going after Kenya. But he’s not. He loves her, as you can see by the editing. Nene didn’t play her cards right. You don’t piss off the producers.

      2. Hush up and give it a rest! Nene has argued with every cast member on the show since the show started. you just mad that someone stood up for themselves which has been missing from the shoe since Sheree left -_-

        1. LOL aww y’all give Nene so much power. I mean producers had to specifically hire Claudia to go after her because everyone else was too soft to do it. And let’s be honest. Claudia didn’t really deliver. Her best “read” was comparing Nene’s wig to ramen noodles. Sheree she will never be. But keep settling for those scraps Carlos gives you. He did try. Now he’s been fired. Poor thing.

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