Kanye West Parts Ways with Jay Z & Rihanna’s Upcoming Album?

Photo Credit: LittleO2
Photo Credit: LittleO2

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West just informed fans that he has changed the title of his upcoming studio album to “Swish,” but he probably should have told them he is changing management too.

According to the latest rumors, the rapper has parted ways with Jay Z’s Roc Nation management company, and possibly walking away from his executive producer duties on Rihanna’s upcoming studio album.

Hits Daily Double writes:

On a related topic, why is Roc Nation’s Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” not exploding at retail? The track sold a meager 7k last week. Is it possible the botched Tidal launch put that big a stink on the record? But the Rihanna-Tidal relationship is pressing on, according to a recent rumor, which has the struggling service getting a window of exclusivity on her forthcoming album, tentatively titled R8. In other action, Kanye West has left Roc Nation for management, inside sources say.


Interestingly enough, a source close to Kanye says there’s no truth to the rumors.

Complex writes:

Earlier today, rumors hit the Internet that Kanye West was leaving Roc Nation management for other opportunities, but it doesn’t seem like that’s actually true. A source close to the situation told Complex that Kanye is not, and has no plans to, leave Roc Nation. To back up the source’s information even further, ‘Ye is still listed on the artist page on the Roc Nation site…


  1. The navy should be happy Kanye is backing away from Rihanna because he don’t need to be executive producing nobody album until he start making good music again. I ain’t trusted his judgement musically in years y’all see how bad his single All Day is flopping.

  2. The navy is blaming everybody for Rihanna’s flopping. Fist it’s Jay Z’s fault, then Tidal and now Kanye. LOL whatever. Time to admit her singles just weren’t good folks.

  3. From the moment I heard Kanye was producing her album, I got nervous. He’s not who he used to be. Artists need to stay away from him right now.

  4. I knew it wasn’t true. Kanye is in love with Bey and Jay. He ain’t trying to leave them.

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