Ciara’s Twitter Q&A Turns Ugly

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara just released her sixth studio album which is entitled, “Jackie,” but her promotional Q&A session on Twitter went from good to ugly when trolls got involved.

AllHipHop writes:

Ciara joined iTunes Music for an exclusive online chat using the hashtag #AskCiara to promote her latest album, Jackie. Cici was added to the long list of celebrities including Robin Thicke, R. Kelly, and others to have their Q&A sessions turn into cruel online “shadefests”.

ciara roast

ciara roast 2

While some trolls were messy during the Q&A, most of Ciara’s fans participated and it was a positive discussion about her new music.


  1. So uncalled for. And most of these people are only trolling her because they are lames and want to fit in.

  2. She just can’t win. I feel bad for her but then again one of her biggest mistakes was getting cool with Kim K. It’s been nothing but flops since then.

  3. They only do this because it’s the in thing to do right now. It’s one of the wack things I hate about Black Twitter. Nothing but group think when it comes to this woman. Ciara is very talented and seems cool. She just has to get back to what made her successful. Better music.

  4. Ooooooook, so that first tweet about naming her son something her career will never have?!?!?! Maaaaaaaaan, I’m too tickled!

  5. Those trolls need to get lives. I bet they are Rihanna stans. They love to trash other female artists to deflect from Rihanna’s flopping.

    1. You just had to bring up Rihanna when she has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. I bet you are that one crazed Rihanna stalker Psycho Sunny Autumn. Just weird! Anyway I listened to Ciara’s album on Spotify and I actually like it. It just seems like people aren’t buying cd’s any more these days. Best of luck to Ciara.

    2. Girl just give it up. Hating Rihanna won’t make Ciara’s career any less of a flop. And btw, truth be told you Ciara stans are nastier to other female artists than the Navy will ever be. I see y’all dragging Beyonce and Rihanna all the time as a group on Twitter, but the real kii is how can you drag people who are more successful than Ciara? Y’all will troll mentions all day but when it’s time to buy Ciara’s album, y’all get ghost. Y’all are the biggest group of bandwagoners and followers there are. At least we buy albums and singles.

  6. Damn thats extra petty and unnecessary. Those promotional Q&As always bring out the individuals with nothing better to do but make light of others misfortune all for a like or laugh.

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