The Kardashians & Tyga Get Even with Blac Chyna

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently Blac Chyna revealed Tyga tried to get back with her via text messages despite dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, but now Tyga and the Kardashian crew have urged his grandmother to defend Kylie in a new interview with Kardashian affiliate the Daily Mail.

In the interview, Tyga’s grandmother claims the family is relieved Tyga is now dating Kylie and no longer with Chyna.

Kim Nguyen says:

“We all love Kylie and think she is so much better for Tyga than Blac.

“Yes she is King’s mum, but Blac just wasn’t a very nice person and Kylie comes from a much better family.

“She is such a sweet, lovely girl and seems to adore Tyga. So we didn’t mind him splitting up from Blac. It was a relief for us all.”


This interview comes just days after Kim Kardashian’s personal assistant told Radar Online that Amber and Blac Chyna are just “ghetto” and “too street” bullies. The irony is he claimed Amber and Chyna should at least wait to confront Kylie until she’s of age, yet he has no problem with Tyga dating Kylie before she’s legal.

But this is pretty typical of the Kardashian crew. They tend to use media outlets to get even with anyone who calls them out, while pretending to be unfazed on social media. It will be interesting to see if Chyna responds.


  1. Call em out UB. I knew they were going to do this after those texts. Look, they can kiss Kylie’s butt all day long but the texts don’t lie. He wants Chyna back and I’m willing to bet he’s only with her for the fame and the dollar signs. Granny is in on it too.

    1. Chile if only more blogs did the same and called this damn family out the world would be a much better place.

    1. They don’t give a f-ck about doing what’s right. And neither does Tyga. That’s why he fits right in with all of them. His grandmother too.

      1. His sister has been liking anti Kylie pictures on IG for a minute now. She’s really close to Chyna.

  2. Ain’t Tyga’s grandmother Asian? Yeah a lot of them stay putting white people on pedestals. Oh well. Anyone with sense can see this family ain’t nothing but toxic mof-ckas. In about three years, Tyga will be another Lamar Odom or Ray J.

    1. I see the doing Tyga like they did Lamar. Instead of the drugs lies, the narrative will be how Tyga was wrong for pursuing Kylie while she was 16. They will say he took advantage of her and ruined her. Even though they supported it when it was going down.

  3. LOL. They need to sit down. They are going to mess with the wrong person one day and they will expose all of them. And the irony of Johnathan’s racist self calling someone else a bully when he’s employed by the biggest bully there is. They are evil.

  4. Tyga is trying to stay in good with this family of whores because it’s all he has left. He can’t stop flopping and he will never be on Kendrick/Drake/J Cole’s level.

  5. Tyga and Kylie needs their a-ses whooped. They are delusional. Chyna isn’t the one out here sending text messages and asking to get back together. That’s Tyga.

  6. I wonder what granny gonna say when they break up and dog her grandson on the blogs.smh I guess granny approves of her grandson sleeping with underaged girls too. Some granny.

  7. So because Kylie is white, her family is automatically better than Chyna’s? Never mind that her father is transitioning into a woman, never mind her big sis got her big break with a sex tape, never mind Kris said nothing when Kylie dropped out of school, never mind Kylie has no morals because her mother and father are more concerned with chasing fame. There’s nothing good about that family. They are awful but there’s a lot of people of color putting them on a pedestal because they are white.

  8. Man the downfall of this relationship will be insane. They have done so many people dirty just to defend their joke of a relationship. A 25 year old man should not have any interest in a 16 year old.

  9. Thank you UB for calling these frauds out. Kim’s flunkie said some racist a-s sh-t and he needs to be called out. Talking about Amber & Chyna jealous because she is young and they not oh please Amber and Chyna ain’t even old just because they don’t have similac on their breath like Kylie doesn’t make them old. I told y’all the moment Chyna says something they going to use Kylie is a child excuse. She can’t get confronted by a grown woman but she can sleep with a grown man got it. Tyga’s grandmother interview reeks of Kartrashian all over it.

  10. Chyna is not going to take this lying down. They really should have stayed quiet when they had a chance.

  11. I really can’t stand the Kardashians. I rarely wish for anyone’s downfall, but karma has been due for these people. I hate the way they did Beyonce and Jay Z, and this right here is really disgusting too. Kim befriended Chyna and sat back and allowed her trampy little sister to sleep with him while he was engaged to the mother of his child. Those ugly lips won’t be the only problem she has in her life you can count on it. You reap what you sow!

  12. His grandmother is dumb as hell. He skipped out on her birthday party to run behind Kylie. Now I see why. It’s not like she minds it because Kylie is a rich brat who can afford to keep Tyga’s bills paid. With all the lawsuits piling up, he can’t afford to lose her catfishing a-s.

  13. I hope they interview her after Kiley leaves him and Kris runs his name in the ground. LMBO.

  14. Chyna dared them to respond and they were dumb enough to take the bait. It’s not going to be pretty when she comes back with more receipts. I know she has tea on the whole family.

  15. LOL. Just when I thought people couldn’t get dumber. If she’s impressed by that attention whoring family, she has some low standards.

  16. Now why in the world does the grandma need to be doing interviews? I guess they are really pressed to get people to support this gross relationship. Fail because no one is here for them except stupid teenagers and self hating black people who love everything about the Ks, including their farts.

  17. If everything was really good, why couldn’t Tyga’s parents cosign this instead? Or his siblings? Something in the milk ain’t clean. I wonder if granny even did this interview. Hell this was probably Kris.

  18. They use the same strategies. Get a man to fight for them (toga. Kanye) and if that doesn’t work, they run to the media. Cowards.

  19. If Kylie and her fam were black, his granny wouldn’t be praising em. The truth is that whole family is made up of trashy basics. Hell they down Chyna for stripping, but Kylie was sliding down a striper pole on their reality show before she was even 15.

  20. I wonder if granny is gonna help her fave with her homework, since she’s about to flunk outta school. Maybe instead of praising her pedo grandson she should encourage him to get a tutor for his bae.

  21. that muskrat, his family and friends are trying to break that women. nothing says weak male like allowing people to disrespect the mother of your child.

  22. A better family? How Sway? Kylie’s momma didn’t go to college and most of her siblings didn’t either. Let’s not forget Kylie herself is a high school drop out. And her big sister is a p-rn star. A got damn p-rn star. She literally put her whole family on with her v-gina. They are an embarrassment tbh.

  23. Tyga is a boy is nothing manly about putting his ex and mother of his child on Kylie is a teen-being used. Person Tyga music sucks and this only way to get media attention threw Kardashian.However right now they can’t be happy with kylie posting I am fu@kin high Chat videos. In the end what 17 year old will Get bored with Tyga no long attracted two washed up rapper..all the Day-um will end soon.

  24. I read the rest and she said the Kardashians are more educated than Chyna’s family. Well we all know that’s a lie. You can’t call Chyna low class for stripping when they put a stripper pole in their living room so Kylie could learn how to work the pole as a pre teen. Some people are blinded by skin color. White doesn’t mean better. They have more money yes, but they aren’t any better than Chyna and her fam in the least bit. Even Kris has a sex tape.

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