Ciara Talks Beyonce, Rihanna & Jay Z

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara has been struggling with album sales the last few eras, but the singer doesn’t feel like that means she has to try to compete with Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay Z. Instead, Ciara believes she has her own lane to dominate.

The Guardian writes:

Despite her success – 2010’s Basic Instinct is the only one of her albums not to reach the US top five – she has never become a household name in the manner of Rihanna or Beyoncé. “You know what I think?” she asks, rhetorically. “Everything’s about timing. I’ve had records just as big as those artists, I’ve had No 1 songs around the world. My biggest competition is me.” That and her old label, perhaps. After Basic Instinct only reached No 44, she left LaFace/Jive, announcing on Facebook that they had not supported her enough. Her next album, Ciara, released on Epic, duly went to No 2. “There’s no doubt in my mind how high up this train can go,” she says calmly. “I faced those challenges. I don’t see myself beneath Beyoncé and Jay Z; I don’t see myself above them. I’m in my own world, hungry to grow.”


  1. I’m tired of all these radio interviews! Shouldn’t she be out trying to book an arena or something?

  2. Well she shouldn’t feel like they are above her because they’re all just humans anyway. But Ciara could have been much bigger than she is. She just isn’t playing her cards right.

  3. Oh goodness I wish interviewers would stop using the Carters to get hits for their interviews. Ciara actually said a lot of interesting stuff about HERSELF but it will get overlooked because they asked her about Bey, Jay and Rih. Such a shame.

    1. So is your fave. Cocky as hell and can’t even perform to save her life. Been in the game for ten years and she just learned how to not be late to her concerts and not perform drunk on stage. She’s also a fake thug because all that sh-t she talked to Ciara on Twitter, I bet she would never say it to her face. And she apologized real quick after Ciara told her she would whoop her a-s. You Navy people are so forgetful.

    1. yeah im absolutely perplexed as to why the best artists back in the day would only last 2seconds yet ciara’s non-it factor havin asz wont go away. im thrilled.

  4. Sigh she needs to do better and this is coming from somebody who likes Ciara. She is not in the same lane as Beyonce, Jay & Rihanna the difference between her and them is all of them have strong work ethic. These are people who have had hits and #1 albums for years consistently. Yes she has had 2 successful albums but she hasn’t been consistent thats the key. They surround themselves around people who know what they are doing her team has repeatedly failed her they dont pick the right singles they don’t promote well. Another thing that pisses me off with her is she lets her love life interfere with her music say what you want about Beyonce & Rihanna but they never let falling in love or being with someone derail their career. It’s frustrating because she should be a bigger star and more and more it’s looking like she will never reach her full potential.

  5. She is so delusional. She could be where they are if she wasn’t so lazy. As for her saying she is in her own world she is so right….all by her lonely self. smh I looked at a few videos her fans were putting up of her “tour”, if that is what you want to call it, and all she does is lap dance. What happened to the dance you butt off Ciara?

  6. There is room for all 3 so I agree with her. But it’s weird Jay Z was brought up in the interview.

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