Watch: Jay Z Freestyles About Tidal, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin & Freddie Gray

Photo Credit: Facebook/Robin Harper
Photo Credit: Facebook/Robin Harper

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since Jay Z decided to throw his hat in the music streaming race, the media has been trying its hardest to take down Tidal and even big time music publications are writing biased articles proclaiming the company a flop when it’s only been in Jay Z’s hands for several weeks.

Jay Z called out the media for its agenda recently on Twitter and now he’s speaking his mind about the situation in a new freestyle.

Pitchfork writes:

Jay Z hit the stage at New York City’s Terminal 5 tonight for “Tidal X: Jaÿ-Z B-Sides” , a B-sides concert presented by his streaming service Tidal. The extensive setlist included a slew of guest appearances: Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel (who did “You, Me, Him, and Her” with Jay, Young Chris, and Neef), Jay Electronica (who followed his appearance on “We Made It” with a performance of “Exhibit C” with Just Blaze), and Young Jeezy (who did “Go Crazy” and “Who Dat”). Elsewhere, Jay broke out a rare freestyle in which he took jabs at YouTube and Spotify and paid tribute to Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin; he also honored the late B.B. King with a moment of silence.


  1. I have tidal and it’s pretty good. There are some minor things that can be worked on but overall it’s a good service. People always knocking Jay-Z for his business dealings but he’s no different from a lot of his peers in the industry. I’m not here campaigning for people to get it, to each its own.

  2. They don’t hear him though. I had to go off on some of the Navy because they are being so ignorant about Tidal. They hate the Carters more than they love Rihanna. #FakeNavy

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is. Tidal is a service. If you don’t want to use, than don’t. But don’t say you won’t use it because Beyonce and Jay Z have too much money when you’re literally out here making the rich richer everyday regardless.

  4. Please believe TPTB feel like Jay has too much power and they want to take him down a few pegs. But as usual, when black people get too successful we start too root for their failure. Look how much we hate Oprah and Tyler Perry now. So we don’t even mind the agenda the media is pushing. Sad.

    1. Sadly this is true. When one of our own gets to a certain level, we want them to fall. We have to do better.

  5. Crabs will be crabs. But I will continue to support the Carters. I’m proud of them and all the moves they make. Tidal is good too. I think in a year it will be a very popular service because it’s going to end up being way more than music streaming. I can see it becoming a source for independent films and TV shows.

  6. Like I said before, f-ck any black person who is mad about Tidal. Don’t tell me sh-t about the rich getting richer when your dumb a-s is rocking an iPhone and listening to Spotify and using Facebook and Twitter. Spotify hasn’t done sh-t for black people, but Jay Z is out here creating a trust fund for Sean Bell’s kids and sending kids from the hood to college. He’s funding the protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, and Spotify ain’t said sh-t about Mike or Freddie. Crab a-s mothaf-ckas.

    1. Girl I’m just sick and tired of all the hate. We need to start being happy for black people when they make it to this level. The more Jay Z and Beyonce’s we get, the better. We need more black ownership on all levels to open up more doors for our race.

  7. Jay-Z said some of the realest sh-t like he said Steve Jobs filthy rich people dont stop buying iphones, Phil Knight worth a billion dollars people still buying kicks. But because it’s Jay-Z people want to clown.

  8. I saw so many black folks last night knocking this man talking bout “…they not putting money in his pocket to help him get richer….he don’t do nothing for black people”. Yet this morning I read an activist was saying that on the low, Jay and Bey have been putting up the money to get protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson out of jail. I guess they needed to broadcast this on IG and in the media for “likes”? And even then folks would still have something negative to say. Bey was just in Haiti over the weekend with the UN and even that black folks had a problem with her. The Carters just need to stay doing them and let the rest of the world try to catch up!

  9. The Carters sure do know how to keep people pressed. People were so mad on Twitter. LMBO.

  10. Jay and Bey have been giving back to black people on the low for years. People better do the education before they try to put them down.

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