Diddy Has a Message for Black People


  1. “We as a people hurt ourselves more than anyone has ever hurt us.” Oh wow, I had no idea it was black people who bought us over to the US to treat us like animals, I had no idea it was black people who put on white sheets to hang us in trees while women and kids cheered on, and I had no idea it was black people who created a government and economic system that keeps black people in terrible economic conditions. Learn something new everyday.

    1. Actually, it was blacks who put us on slave ships…the coastal tribes enslaved the tribes of the interior and sold us off to the merchants. Know your history.

    2. diddy told us how he felt about black people when the blackest female he’s dated is kim porter PLUS he’s treated her the worst.

  2. If this horse faced c–n doesn’t shut the f-ck up. And while we’re talking about P. Sh-tty, I never understood why people hate Jay Z and want him to fail so much, but no one has any interest in boycotting Diddy’s uncle tom a-s.

  3. Sigh…whatever. Police need to do a better job period. To say otherwise, is nothing but victim blaming and deflection. That’s why I’m not one to get excited when black celebs speak out about Mike Brown, etc. because their real feelings may not come out until much later. I remember Diddy being one of the main ones making IG videos about Mike Brown and now look…he’s showing us how he really felt the entire time.

  4. He just typed up so much false information it’s sickening. The sad part is some fool thinks he just spoke some truth. I wish the media would report on the white on white crime stats. It would shatter a lot of people’s worlds.

    1. Now you know the media will never talk about that because then it puts away the only argument they have to justify police brutality. It’s just disappointing that some of our own can’t see it’s just deflection and not a sound argument.

    2. The white liberal media is already on it. Go to HuffPost and get your laugh. They reported on the bike gang stories and white one white crime stats. I live girl I live.

  5. okay. like my kids said, folks like him and those other BULL SH***T ARTIST pretending to be down for the cause,let our protests and fighting for the cause F-CK with their $$$$$ thenwe hear from them. when we 1% start to wake the freak up they want to put us back to sleep. especially when it interfers with them building their $$$ & lifestyles.

  6. It’s better for people to assume you’re a fool, than opening up your mouth and removing all doubt. Something like that…

  7. This is the same man who has multiple kids with multiple women and refuses to marry anyone. He’s part of the problem.

  8. But no one will respect us if we as a people don’t have any respect for our own black lives. We are committing genocide on ourselves.

    Ok that part i will agree on we have ppl out having peaceful protests but just go to worldstarhiphop.com and someone is getting rocked in a mcdonalds… Yes we have to do better but we need support. This bull sh-t he said along with other celebrities tell other races they can treat us however b/c so and so who is a celebrity say so… just a bunch of garbage.

  9. I agree with Diddy, but I also don’t think all Blacks are the problem. We’re killing each other on top of police killing us. White people commit murders all the time (I watch plenty of Forensic Files to know) so it isn’t just us. The media chooses to make it seem as if we’re the only race acting crazy. We all need to do better!

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