Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Confirms Romance with Amber Rose

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose wanted to make things work out with her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa, but in the end the rapper wasn’t too keen on reconciling.

Amber’s brief romance with NBA star James Harden didn’t work out, but her budding romance with rapper Machine Gun Kelly appears to be going well.

Now that the twosome have been snapped a few times getting cozy by the paps, the rapper somewhat confirms he’s dating Amber in a new interview with Hot 97.

He says:

“Everything was completely natural, it wasn’t anything that I had expected or planned, or anything like that. You know when the universe throws something your way, things happen. I’m one of those people that goes with it, and I don’t fight it, and I had no idea what came with that. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that it’s not like a struggle everyday coping with that fact that it is one of the most anti-spotlight people ever, and one of the most in-the-spotlight people ever. Along with the flack that’ll come with it from people unknowing of the situation, which I accept and I don’t blame anybody for… It’s one of those things that make you rethink the whole fame thing again.”

Check out the video below:


    1. crazy how many adults these days act and dress 15 years olds smh. the “urban/pop” world is so low quality…..

  1. Why does she need to date anyone right now? I’ve noticed with her that she likes to hop into another relationship after a breakup. What’s wrong with being single until you get your head right? She was just on IG saying she wanted Wiz back like two weeks ago.

  2. Amber is the kind of person who has to be in a relationship because she’s irrelevant if she’s not.

  3. Now I love Muva but this is a downgrade. He’s a d list rapper and he really looks like a knockoff and white version of Wiz!! You can see she has a type. *giggles*

  4. She can do better but she doesn’t know how to play her cards right. Had she held on to the mysterious and fab image Kanye gave her, she’d be with an A lister right about now. But nope, she decided to cheapen herself with tacky fashion and IG twerking.

  5. So you make a song with somebody then you smash their ex. He’s disrespectful and she’s just desperate

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