Rich Homie Quan Spills the Tea on Kylie Jenner

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kylie Jenner is only 17 years old, but the little sister to Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy thanks to her controversial romance with rapper Tyga.

Tyga is 25 years old, so he’s catching a lot of flak for being romantically involved with Kylie before she turns 18, but it appears some of his own peers don’t see the issue.

While trying to defend Kylie and Tyga, rapper Rich Homie Quan slipped up and told the Breakfast Club that Kylie has actually been seen with multiple rappers already.

He says:

“Man but that ain’t even nothing. Man why he the only one people keep talking bout? I on seen multiple rappers with her though.”

Check out the clip below via Baller Alert:

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    1. LOL. Kylie was swinging down a stripper pole in the living room as a preteen. She’s looks and acts 40.

      1. Yeah she does look old as hell. She’ll need like 100 facelifts when she gets to Kim’s age.

  1. He’s disgusting. And there’s nothing “bad” about Kylie. Take away the makeup and she looks just like Bruce.

      1. Why did that fool say that weird a-s dance is his homage to hitting a woman from the back? Like that one attempt to act straight cancels out all that gay sh-t he does! Ugh!

  2. It’s sad how many of these idiot rappers think it’s ok for a grown man to be sleeping with a child. I bet none of them would be ok with it if this was their daughter.

  3. I believe him. Kris doesn’t care what her kids are doing as long as the blogs are talking about them. She’s probably had 5 rapper boyfriends by now. We’re just hearing about Tyga because he’s more of an attention whore than others.

  4. This is true. Kylie used to hang out tough at Drake’s place. His crew been ran through that allegedly. Drake won’t touch her though because he’s not as dumb as Tyga is. Plus he likes grown women with grown women bodies. Kylie just purchased lips. She won’t buy hips and a-s until next year.

    1. Girl, Kylie’s bought her a mini version of that chair on her sister’s back already! Look at her befores from just a few months back. She’s had more than lip fillers. There’s not enough puberty or weight gain in the world gonna do that to your hips and a-s.

  5. Man these self hating men are an embarrassment. Calling Kylie bad while their white peers deem them as ugly attention whoring trash, as they should.

  6. Duh. Kylie thinks she’s Kim. Didn’t she say Kim is her idol too? She’ll have a sex tape in a couple of years too.

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